Tattoo You: Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke Explains His Ink Posted by admin on September 1st, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke rolls up his sleeves to give a close-up look at his tattoo collection. Which is his favorite? What’s that robot-look…

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25 Responses to “Tattoo You: Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke Explains His Ink”

  1. Kris Vladimirov

    “This is all just filler… filler stuff… and this is a heart grenade…
    just a heart grenade… and this is an octopus. I don’t know what it means.”

    Great. This guys is freaking moron. He perfectly describes every brainless
    idiot I see with numerous tattoos.?

  2. Maddy Williams

    Ronnie really Is a good person. And he has the talent to have a very large
    following. I love him a lot alright.
    Can people stop being arrogant assholes and let him be? If you don’t like
    him, don’t take the time of day to look through videos of him. ?

  3. Miranda Friesen

    I honestly dont understand why one every video i watch of falling in
    reverse or ronnie radke there is hate comments about EVERYTHING they do
    lol. Like Ronnie could cough and 40 grown men would call him stupid and an
    asshole. Calm the fuck down guys, your jealousy is showing.?

  4. Luis Young

    This asshole. This is why I hate tattoo shops, most people that get them
    don’t have any attachment to them, they get them because “they looking
    fucking sick, dude.” It’s this kind of stigma that gives people with
    tattoos such a bad rep almost automatically. Whether it’s intentional or
    not, people will generalize others who have tattoos, because of shit like
    this. It’s part of the reason I don’t even show mine off, even if they do
    look great, people will think; “Oh, he has tattoos. Can’t be that bright.”?


    Nice, you and Andy need one matching tattoo (Hint) Maybe It could be a word
    or something but I think it would be cool (not that Ronnie will ever see
    this…or Andy :( but I’m still trying..LOL) ?

  6. xikilledgodx

    I heard him saying on an interview once, after he got released from jail,
    that, if somebody offered him any kind of drugs he’d punch the person.
    He looks high on this video, is he clean or what??

  7. Ben Gordon

    You bring ronnie down to your studio to interview him, And then all you
    make is a 2 minutes video whats the point ??

  8. xcallmekittenx

    This needs to be called “how to get drunk in prison” omfg xD

  9. Justin StankEye

    Wait wait wait… Is ronnie wearing a grill??

  10. glaring eyes

    oh come on, i wanna see your legs bro, “ahoy butternuts” XD?

  11. JulesQ

    That was super informative?

  12. Verynicee

    holy fuck, last time I saw this guy he was emo looking now he looks like a
    wannabe ganster..da fuq??

  13. xJust2Deadly

    I laughed so fucking hard when he said “there’s an octopus.. i dont know
    what the fff.. what the hell that means..?” hahahaha this is like ahoy
    butternuts 2?

  14. rubi6446

    I love him and who ever eats in the music video?

  15. ramon gomez

    He’s wearing gold grills lol?

  16. John B

    I got this when I was 17 so uh..(can’t do maths)..a really long time ago..?

  17. Ralphie Ralph

    what a dork xD?

  18. That One Dude

    He just taught me how to make homemade moonshine?

  19. BioMetalFreak

    least he didnt get a owl on his chest……………… common?

  20. juan pablo

    Aww he didn’t tell the frog riding the horse story.?

  21. etfboy450

    Bang bang…. chief keef fan??

  22. Amy Aberrant

    1:36 you know when you’ve been tango’d!?

  23. Ghostspartan83

    So we now know about, what… Four tattoos and some fillings? What the
    fuck, how about the others? -.-?

  24. Anonymous asdfg

    Well, now I know how to get drunk in prison and that most of Ronnie’s
    tatoos are pointless.?

  25. cortney stone

    I’ve learned so many things from Ronnie Radke, from how to make a shank out
    of a water bottle, to how to make prison moonshine. ?

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