How to Get Kat Von D’s Disintegration Cat Eye Look | Sephora Posted by admin on August 21st, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Shop Kat Von D at Sephora: What it is: A super-rich and waterproof, felt-tip liquid pen eyeliner for instant drama and effortless bold definition. What it does: Get…

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25 Responses to “How to Get Kat Von D’s Disintegration Cat Eye Look | Sephora”

  1. Ashley LeFever

    What lipstick was she wearing?

  2. IheartSweeneyT

    That’s awesome. Do you think she really came up with that herself??

  3. Lex - XO

    Where can I buy that mirror?! ?

  4. Roxanne Bedard

    This is a pretty cool idea! Might have to try it one day..?

  5. bellajenna87

    I love her new tattoo! So cool!?

  6. JENNsquarepants

    That tattoo is gorgeous! Looks like it took forever tho?

  7. DreoLeo

    Oh my gosh, this is one those “ow come I didn’t think of that” things. It’s
    so simple, but super cool!?

  8. Brandon Eska

    that’s such a cool look! i love Kat she is so unique! :)?

  9. Paola Ruizz

    She’s so good! So creative! ?

  10. SullenxRiot182

    Definitely trying this out!?

  11. michellemakeup24

    This woman is the definition of cool! I love her style! And her products
    are ALL amazzzinng?? ?

  12. Chande Lier

    I love her lips n nose!!!!’?

  13. Winter Littell

    Love your tutorials!?

  14. Amara Duray

    i adore the fact that she really brings traditional art terms and concepts
    into makeup. ?

  15. tina vasoya

    I love you Ka Von D and your entire make up line?

  16. bizn0nka

    I love you Kat. I’ll try the Disintegration look.?

  17. RagPrincess

    I hope her line stays around long enough to be a classic :)?

  18. TheGrabasspants

    you better hold on to her Sephora. she is a gem!?

  19. Alejandra Farfan

    I’m so trying this! Great idea. I love it :)?

  20. Caroline Gonçalves Soares

    Omg, she’s so beautiful. Every tutorial i fall in love again ?

  21. Jessica Christine

    “Special secret surprise”… I love it! I guess it would be cool for a
    Sephora job interview! 😉 ?

  22. Emily Mathews

    Your tattoos are incredible! Love them and love the look ?

  23. sherry han

    This is actually really cool?

  24. hellgatesteff

    Great i love it!?

  25. Sandra Cabrera

    Best eyeliner ever!!?

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