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Just because I feel like it, here is a little song I wrote a while back with my friends, Tommy English+Nick Long. Once again, just a shitty, quick little recording of me singing and playing…

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25 Responses to “EXORCISM by Kat Von D (late-nite piano playing)”

  1. Music In Her Veins

    Is there anything you’re not good at??

  2. Carlitos Karla Menjivar

    You are perfect. ?

  3. Kendra Tustin

    SOOOO excited for your album! I know it’s going to be amazing :)?

  4. Ken Tremain

    Very cool!?

  5. PopLeaders

    LOVE YOU – From Argentina <3?

  6. Jillian LaRocque

    I have been patiently waiting for your album to come out!!!?

  7. KatvM982

    It’s good :-)?

  8. julie lafferty

    Can’t wait for the album! ?

  9. Adrian Lopez

    Hauute ???

  10. Yo Soy Vicky La Loca

    Me encanta me encanta i love it!!!!!!!!!?

  11. T.j. Rakes


  12. Novem Vivit

    Stunning! Dear Catherine, could you please record vocals and piano in

  13. riddlesnightmare


  14. Riff Math

    Damn Kat i love you, much love from France?

  15. Reka Smith

    Nice song! So beutiful lyrics.You are amazing Kat! I’m so proud of you. I
    was so excited to hear your songs and can’t wait for the album :) xoxo?

  16. Carlo Leonardo

    I LOVE She…?

  17. remorseisforthedead

    You’re so perfect *-* Great song~ ?

  18. corey mcfarland

    Beautiful. This really made me feel something. I am glad you’re doing
    music. ?

  19. Jenny Eap

    Wow, you have such a beautiful voice! So captivating ?

  20. Gina-Sophie B.

    OMG, I love it! Your voice is so beautiful!?

  21. Jaana Kauppi

    Kat you are so talented. Is there anything you can’t do?! You are my
    Idol.? I love your voice so much.?

  22. Mar Amphi

    <3 Kat! I can't wait for your album!?

  23. Paola Cec

    Much love kat, you are so inspiring.?

  24. michaela wolfman

    There is so much beauty in everything you do. This song is beyond amazing.
    Love you Kat and I’m looking forward to moving out to LA from Chicago to do
    music and also to get tattooed by you!! ?? ?

  25. 030233854914

    I think you should buy a good mic for your iphone and continue to sing for
    us on your piano because the mood you put into your song is sometime way
    better than studio ! That my point … i mean your look like a girl who is
    very authentic then that kind of video is just perfect … for my ears and
    my eyes ! 😀 ?

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