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How does a grandfather react when he is surprised with his baby picture on his granddaughter’s arm? For more tattoo clips from NY Ink, London Ink, Miami Ink …

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25 Responses to “Tearful Tattoo – NY Ink”

  1. Scottish Heather

    What a lovely man <3 and what a lucky girl to have such a fantastic person
    in her life x?

  2. Thanh Vân Tr?nh

    awwwww :(

    When I told my mom I wanted a tattoo of her portrait (coz she’s the world
    to me), she said if I get it I shall no longer be her daughter.


  3. ameziaish

    Fuck. I wish my grandpa was still of this world to see the tattoo I got on
    his honor.?

  4. Saffy V

    What a lovely gesture :)?

  5. Katherine Young

    I got a little choked up there.. ;~;?

  6. John Escorcio

    Nice girl.?

  7. SuchaHippotit

    Happy Father’s Day :)?

  8. nicnaknoc

    Ohhh sweet?

  9. Ilhame Yusifhan

    O my ghat)))))?

  10. Mireille Duckworth

    aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww! <3?

  11. prazanautobus

    aaw gampy y u b so cute?! Btw he sounds Cajun :)?

  12. TheMouldyWart

    This is so much better than kat von d and her senseless drama?

  13. Theresa Bach

    I wish I had a relationship like that with someone?

  14. Vaniessa C

    ahh this makes me cry everytime i watch it!?

  15. Daneca B


  16. skunkie110

    Aww, I like tattoos like this. Ya know, ones with meaning to behind them. I
    hate those stupid cliche stars people get tattooed on themselves. It just
    looks tacky!?

  17. lizbeth cruz


  18. Valerie Upchurch

    My favorite episode so far :) so sweet !?

  19. MariaMcCookie


  20. thejakeakar

    wow ,..,.?

  21. EyesofGeisha

    LOL, look at the dude with the goatee in the beginning, trying to shake her
    hand but doesn’t quite make it. hahaha, so akward and funny.?

  22. alethea fleming


  23. starfun17

    very sweet:)?

  24. VaLkyR Anubis

    His reaction to her new tattoo is just so very priceless and
    heart-touching. There you go again, family is one of the most important
    things in our life…a true story that never ends. Still, this tattoo looks
    amazing as hell, nice job there! :)?

  25. dandylions

    thats amazing, how supportive both of them are of each other.?

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