Full Coverage Foundation Routine w/ Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Posted by admin on August 16th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “Full Coverage Foundation Routine w/ Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo”

  1. SweetCurls16

    I am currently using the revlon but I was hoping to get some tips from you
    on how to apply it because sometimes it looks nice, and other times it
    looks cakey… I don’t even know how to apply it anymore…?

  2. blackdiamond

    does makeup brush really matter can someone help me on that like what the
    difference between a drug store and the good quilty ones that are like 30?

  3. Tina Prijatelj

    arent the sephora brushes very expensive? ?

  4. Lupi Magui

    This girl is so pretty, she really needs to stop messing with her face. Her
    nose slightly slants to her right and her lips look weird.?

  5. Dylan Mercedes

    In Australia the revlon colorstay foundation costs $35 :(?

  6. joujou I

    I’m almost 27 years old, I still don’t wear foundation, I like BB cremes
    and tainted moisturizers much much better!!!!?

  7. 123charlyn

    What are some more affordable brushes that are similar to the 109? Anyone??

  8. Marina Burich

    i cant wear foundation because all i think about all day is that feeling on
    my face of having it on! the last couple bb creams i tried felt sticky and
    greasy on my face. which were from neutrogena. i do have discoloration tho
    and still want to have flawless skin any recommendations?? (:?

  9. ablovepink1991

    Your lips look fuller. Did you get lip injections??


    your natural skin is literally flawless and youre applying tons and tons of
    makeup on your skin???? why??

  11. alexisbelon

    But do you think this would be good for someone with super oily skin?

    Come peep my daily vlogs if you have time!

    New York style!?

  12. angela zurita

    I don’t see a huge difference u can see ur moles I would think it would be
    flawless ?

  13. Ashe Thomas

    when is her birthday? her face is so smooth! Im a 16 year old and i have
    nothing but acne:(?

  14. alma Lopez

    Hi dulce where do you buy banana power. Tell me please?

  15. J Bee

    WAH :'( i bought revlon colour stay for 39 bucks. I’m from australia lol?

  16. Jocelyn Artiga

    Dulce, you can pick up your moisturizer or any other cream by dipping your
    nail in it palm down. It’s how I keep from getting gunk under my nails! :)?

  17. Blue dasani

    PLease do a makeup on this look like a back to school makeup<3?

  18. Dejuh Vuh

    Revlon colorstay vs Kat Von D, which is better for a full coverage event
    makeup? ?

  19. Rachellaurabeauty5

    you look so gorgeous with out makeup, honestly i think you have the best
    skin ive ever seen! ?

  20. teddylovee264

    that foundation color is off…i think one or two shades darker is best .
    this color looks too ashy for you?

  21. Leslie Alvarado

    I need to try this foundation!?

  22. Brandon Eska

    I loved watching your review on this foundation! I loved using this
    foundation at first but had to return it after it started separating on my
    skin! It was just to heavy for my oily face!?

  23. Angie Alfaro

    Dulce you should do a update on your nose! ?????

  24. Tatiana Ková?ová

    you don´t need makeup, you are so pretty and young?

  25. Jay Nicole

    This came out very light and natural looking, very pretty, and I love the
    pink lip ?

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