Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation Review/Tutorial Posted by admin on August 9th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

READ MORE BELOW- Happy Monday Sunshiners!! Thinking about changing foundations or maybe just want to see what another one is out? Then I hope this video is …

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation Review/Tutorial”

  1. Jasmine Bianca

    ahhh i want to try it nooow?

  2. Fashion_Forward

    ahh youre so cute and your face looks flawless omg <3?

  3. Sunaz Hatunoglu

    I’m glad you asked me to subscribe to you! I really want to try this! ?

  4. lidia quintana

    Haha u remind me of Jess in new girl. Always singing lol ?

  5. Rania Girl

    I really was looking for a new foundation to buy but I always stick to the
    BB cream one or The Baby Skin one .. But I want to chane a little bit so
    I’m gonna try this ! thank you Alexa <3 You are the Sun and we are your
    SunShine 😉 ?

  6. Cindy Palacios

    Wow love your enthusiasm. And those eyes girl are so gorgeous:) new
    subbie…not for your eyes lol for your personality lol?

  7. nataliesnails

    omg i rly want to buy thiss!! The product sounds amazing! (: btw you are
    really good at applying winged eyeliner…I suck at that haah. but great
    video ((:?

  8. Angelika Grigorjeva

    I love the vibe in the video! Your skin looks flawless and I’m really
    tempted to try it out. I keep buying ‘meh’ foundations and this looks like
    a long lasting product! Thank you!! xoxox?

  9. sprinkleofzalfie

    Your eye makeup is amazing. Could you do a tutorial on it? ?

  10. Vivian H

    your eyes are the perfect shade of green!?

  11. Julia's secret


  12. KatChats

    I love this video!!! :D?

  13. FashionIsUs1

    You look so pretty girl! Loved this video! I subbed, hope you would sub
    back as well!<3?

  14. Brooke Richards

    You look beautiful with and without makeup! LOVE the video <3?

  15. Simply Natalie

    I LOVE YOUR PERSONALITY! Your so fun! :) Subscribed! Can’t wait for more of
    your videos!?

  16. Kerian Rodriguez

    Are you natural blonde or do you dye your hair? And if you do, please let
    me know what you use because I love it so much! Your hair is so gorgeous!?

  17. JackyOhhh

    Your eyeballs are magical looking! I haven’t tried that foundation out yet
    but it looks flawless on ya girl! ?

  18. GigiNkez

    i really wanna try this video out now !! it looks real flawless on you !!
    and love the way you did your eyeliner !! gorgeous !! and thank youuuu for
    the wittle annotation haha :) im really enjoying getting to know you :)

  19. Soribel Rodriguez

    How much is it at sephora can somebody please tell me thanks :)?

  20. Xandra Hollander

    thanks so much for sharing !?

  21. Love Couture LA

    Great job!! :)?

  22. BaileyJeanette

    I want to give this a shot! I love the concealer so I’m sure ill love the
    foundation :)?

  23. loredana marin

    WOW make your skin look like porcelain.?

  24. elevenneleven

    Great review! Loved the video :)) ?

  25. ForeverOnlyBeauty

    Your so stunning! :O 😀 xoxo?

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