Review & Swatches: KAT VON D Studded Kiss Lipsticks | Coven, Motorhead, Wolvesmouth and MORE! Posted by admin on August 2nd, 2014 | Comments (18) |

This review is on the brand new Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks. These lipsticks are insanely long-lasting! They can withstand drinking, eating entire meals and hours upon hours without looking…

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18 Responses to “Review & Swatches: KAT VON D Studded Kiss Lipsticks | Coven, Motorhead, Wolvesmouth and MORE!”

  1. Lisa Kleinwort

    Dang that Vic, stealin’ my color! Looked great on her… and, woot! New
    hair! But I digress. 😉 Seriously liked Wolvesmouth. Not sure a deep
    metallic will work on an old broad, but that’s what stores are for, right?

    PS- I had dropped a sample of Atelier Cedrat Enivrant in my Sephora basket
    because there was nothing else I wanted. Freakin’ WOW! At least it’s wow to
    my schnozz. So I looked it up – think lightly musky, spicy gin and tonic,
    with a twist. I’m not much of a fragrance gal, but next cart, it’s going
    in! I know you like citrus, so I figured Id pass it along. It’s still being
    offered as a sample online.?

  2. Super Sweetie

    Great review! Thanks!
    I really appreciate knowing that these lipsticks may perform differently
    depending on the shade! I can imagine that a colour like Coven might be
    very tricky to cover evenly…last week, I finally burst into a Sephora
    that had just received their full stock… (the early displays of 5 or 6
    shades were not the ones that appealed to me!)
    I was very attracted to Wolvesmouth, and Thin Lizzy, as I always gravitate
    to a bit of shimmer, but the Sephora associate convinced me to let her
    apply Wonderchilde. I was SO taken by the neon and shifting colour that I
    bought it…honestly, it is waaay “out there” for me, but I wish more
    people would be adventurous!
    Because your review and swatches, I will be definitely getting Wolvesmouth,
    and Agatha….thanks for all the detail about shades and wearability!?

  3. Jennifer Cornell

    woot! so glad you did this video?

  4. Alex Ward

    I love the kat von d liquid lipsticks, you should check them out if you
    haven’t already. They’re amazing and last until you take them off, but
    aren’t too drying. ?

  5. Vision_of_Grace

    I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews on Kat Von D makeup and I guess these
    lipsticks live up to it. Though the colours look really pretty! I might try
    a more muted one if I think I can stand the matte. :P?

  6. Remika M

    Thank you (as always) for your amazing review!! I will need to exfoliate
    my lips prior to using matte lipsticks but seeing these colours may be
    worth it 😉 I’m digging Wolvesmouth; can’t wait to swatch that in store!
    I’m glad that Poe worked out; I see that there is quite a bit of difference
    between Coven and Dodgy girl! Too bad Coven wasn’t as consistent with the
    rest of the matte shades. Was super excited to see your review of these
    lipsticks, always a pleasure watching your videos!! :) :) ?

  7. Daphne Horror

    I adore you for this!!!!!! I havent seen anyone else do a review with so
    many colors!!!
    Thanks !!!?

  8. Marcela

    Love your video reviews girl! I ended up getting a few of these but LUV I
    got in a liquid lipstick form instead, and it applied much easier and
    looked much better too. ?

  9. gengarqueen

    I’ll stick to Lime crime for lilac lippies?

  10. Estherkake

    Gotta love my matte’s ^_^ And of course a thumbs up on the video, which I
    enjoyed very much as always.?

  11. Simone-Adèle

    Hahaha loved when Vic popped up out of nowhere. You guys could film videos
    about absolutely nothing and I would be an instant fan. <3?

  12. Jen Butler

    Amazing vid and review! I finally gave in and ordered Poe and it will be
    arriving tomorrow!!! (SO EXCITED!) and I have Underage Red via her Liquid
    Love collection arriving tomorrow as well. Can’t wait to see Poe in

  13. Linaboo17

    I so want to get the colors Poe and Agatha! I currently work in an office
    setting so I have no idea when I will be able to wear Poe but it is such an
    interesting color I feel like I need it in my life lol. As always, great
    review :)?

  14. arikeer

    P.S. Is it possible to swatch Underage Red and Ruby Woo (assuming you have
    this) side by side. I’d love to get UR but if they’re dupes then nvm.?

  15. raven hampton

    i realllllly want wolvesmouth, poe, and online i saw gothica and
    wonderchilde that i REALLY want. if your a sephora VIB rouge i JUST got an
    email for 4x event for this sunday… go check your emails guys. go get you
    some lippies.?

  16. arikeer

    Cool review! I’ve been wanting these lippies since I heard about them. I
    was going to order some earlier today but Poe is out of stock. :””'[?

  17. kitkatNEF

    Great review! Although they mostly looked yuck when applied. .bummer. im
    interested in Gothica now..I was also stoked for Coven when I first seen
    them but OHwow no way!!
    Thanks ?

  18. Modernaires

    Check out my review on the new Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks!?

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