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Time Lambesis from As I Lay on LA ink wearing Rockett shirt.

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25 Responses to “La Ink – Rockett Clothing”

  1. WHolyKnight

    Hey Thanks so much for posting this clip I’m a huge Fan of AILD and when a
    friend told me about this I was pissed i missed it but thanks for posting
    it so i could see it!!

  2. Matthew Du Heaume

    That’s a really mature attitude dude, much respect to you.

  3. ForeverForsaken189

    your fucking stupid and dont know shit about music.

  4. yourheartofdarkness

    im an atheist and i still love their music

  5. towa7

    i have that shirt

  6. OswaldsRevenge

    hey i really wanna see the full clip, anyone know where i can find it?

  7. mudwhistleband

    it looks like shes drawing Jordan m. on that paper at the end their banging
    away at the drums!

  8. BeyondTheShoreBass


  9. rjthegolfer93

    @SicSeb yeah i mean good metal is good metal, who cares about whether its
    religious or not.

  10. Vincent Freeman


  11. blackcrow1x

    Read the first paragraph in the FAQ section of As I Lay Dying’s website.Tim
    says “I’m not sure what the difference is between five Christians playing
    in a band and a Christian band.” “Many of our songs are about life,
    struggles, mistakes, relationships and other issues that don’t fit entirely
    in the spiritual category. However, all of these topics are written about
    through my perspective as a christian.” In other words they are all
    Christians who play Metalcore.

  12. ForeverForsaken189

    They are definitly metalcore.

  13. sleepingsleepers

    sexy beast

  14. nicky4rivers

    rockett clothing is da bomb

  15. glorifyyourname

    @alexcastro: do you have the full clip by any chance? so sorry I cant find
    it anywhere in english.

  16. Aginor27

    also, some (myself included) wouldn’t classify as i lay dying as christian
    metal/metalcore, the lyrics are personal, but they aren’t pushing the faith.

  17. fencer1089

    this is not a forum about genres of music or wtvr…just watch the vid,
    people get TOO caught up about nonsense

  18. Whorticia

    he’s such a cutie! i love how he just is so laid back and nice

  19. ctothahris

    what song was that, it showed a clip of the music video

  20. blackcrow1x

    No, they are Christians, who play Metalcore and write lyrics about life
    through the perspective of a Christian. Emo cunt bitch.XD

  21. blackcrow1x

    they are Christians who play Metalcore music bitch

  22. jline43

    Tim is a beast

  23. jdmjerry1

    u sir are an idiot if you liked them before and you didnt know who cares
    for what they stand for grow up…

  24. occultdestroyer

    “As I Lay Dying is a Christian metal band…” There you have it folks.

  25. leeea7x

    surf the channel for full episode

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