NEW Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks: Review & Lip Swatches! Posted by admin on August 1st, 2014 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “NEW Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks: Review & Lip Swatches!”

  1. Zara Hodson

    Are they available in Canada? I’m getting a swap soon and want one of these

  2. Jordan Cheyenne

    GF you are so beautiful! Found you a loooong time ago from your makeup
    collection videos! I love these lipsticks, now I need them ALL! hah! time
    for a sephora trip :) Hope you can check my videos too, we do super similar
    videos :) Xo?

  3. frowniebrown86

    this is probably the BEST shade I’ve ever seen on your lips!!?

  4. Antesmrtaquesensilla

    Loveee video ?

  5. Rebecca Spencer

    I need Poe and Wolvesmouth!?

  6. Indykitty1

    what do you do for a living??

  7. drealicious88

    she should of kept the old lipsticks I’m not impressed.?

  8. MissTrendable

    You’re so pretty! Everything suites you tbh :) you’re beautiful?

  9. Snoz Berries

    Yay! I’ve been waiting for someone to do a full review!?

  10. Sweetlykecandii3

    The packaging is beautiful. Is it hard to store??

  11. savika somair

    Damn girl
    You got a lot of money to buy 16 lippies at $21 lol
    Thank you for the swatches
    The colors are beauitful.

  12. thenettenettenette

    Truly unique colors…. But colors that I’m not fond of. I like the studded

  13. acousticangle22

    Bachelorette, Poe and Sexer are beautiful on you!! Wonderchilde is nice as
    well tbh :)?

  14. Emily McElroy

    Thanks for the awesome review!?


    I love the first and fourth shade!!! They look great on you!?

  16. Remika M

    You are a trooper for swatching all of these lip colours on your lips! They
    look gorgeous :) thank you so much for your review! ?

  17. Ernessa1

    Was on the fence about two of those. Thanks for the video. I just got thin
    lizzy, and adora. ?

  18. Anna Lee

    Love Poe!?

  19. sunkissed1805

    Really love the shade Cathedral on you. You look pretty <3?

  20. MsCabaretTay

    Girl i swear you’re ALWAYS on it! I picked up Motorhead & Slayer last week.

  21. Victoria Johnson

    I literally thought you were gonna say you got them all haha no one expects
    you to buy them all or get colors that don’t look good on you cuz at the
    end of the day you spend your own money on it with the intention to wear

  22. Rez Mannan

    Great Review! Your poor lips had quite a workout for this review. The
    formula in these lipsticks must be pretty hard to wipe off. ?

  23. Sonali Surpur

    Thank you for swatching all of those on your lips, it really helps!?

  24. Pooja C * Beauty Vlogger * Shopaholic * Happy

    Thumbs Up!You deserve it!?

  25. TheTeenBeauty101

    The packaging is too cute on these lipsticks!!! :) ?

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