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24 Responses to “TUTORIAL | Smokey Grey LOOK w/ a Pop of Color (Kat Von D Chrysalis Palette)”

  1. DeMi Franklin

    +thefancyfaced Love this look. Very nice and simple. Thanks doll!?

  2. Shelly4everBeauty

    Hi, I have been watching you for quite sometime now and you are very good
    at applying and blending your eye makeup. Thanks for sharing!?

  3. Chelly1M

    Loving the thought process for this look. It’s beautiful. One day I will
    emulate your dynamism for colour. I get so excited after watching your
    vids but then I overwhelm myself with my collection and come thudding right
    back in reality lol. Won’t stop watching and being inspired by your
    creations though :))?

  4. 83keysha

    Beatiful look #stormydays?

  5. Fatimah Brown


  6. Leatha1991

    pretty !!!! this video needs more likes?

  7. EnExitStageLeft

    Your blending skills are drool worthy! Another beautiful eye look to add to
    the list. Also, we’re still waiting patiently for your Fav Eye Brushes *HINT
    HINT*! lol?

  8. Margie Medina

    I love the way you do tutorials! You look gorgeous.?

  9. Cheekbonesare_likewhoa

    Beautiful as always!?

  10. JaeyDar J.

    Love this – Your tutorials are so detailed and pace is GREAT to follow and
    actually learn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  11. modell23

    Awesome! ?

  12. tamieka davis

    Love it!!!?

  13. thatsakickintheteeth

    Absolutely stunning!?

  14. MsHouseofME

    Great look…Can’t wait to see your review on the Makeup Geek Blushes.
    Looking forward to your commentary on them as it relates to deeper skin
    tones. I am interested in purchasing a few of them!?

  15. Baby Doll

    Your tutorials are my fav videos! Detailed, easy to follow and fun!?

  16. MissSweetChar

    Oh yes, I am loving this one!?

  17. DrkNSwt


  18. Fabuloso Mom

    Beautiful look! ?

  19. Aryn Ahlers

    Love this look, I have really been interested in the grey colors and colors
    of taupe. So this look is right up my alley right now. Your so talented!!!
    I always love everything you do and how you teach what you do and not just
    skim through the steps.?

  20. Rosa Turner

    Very Pretty!

    IG roromaxn?

  21. Jenny Callahan

    Such a beautiful color combination! ?

  22. Carol Love

    you have mad skills with that winged liner! damn! so jealous! can you
    suggest an affordable dupe for that Marc Jacobs marker? just something to
    practice with until i know what i’m doing. lol In yesterday’s car chat
    when you said you don’t do Forever21 hauls me tun ova pan di floor! Lord
    have mercy! smh you a di bess! beautiful as always honey.?

  23. thefancyfaced

  24. joce972

    très. agréable ! j’aime beaucoup !?

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