Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Hexagram, Wonderchilde, Motorhead, LUV, Thin Lizzy, Vampira and Bach Posted by admin on July 25th, 2014 | Comments (16) |

These lipsticks are lovely! Distinctive colors…a heavier formula but the wear and coverage are amazing. Some very unusual colors…that surprise with the w…

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16 Responses to “Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Hexagram, Wonderchilde, Motorhead, LUV, Thin Lizzy, Vampira and Bach”

  1. Tori James

    Thanks for the swatches!?

  2. Celia Garcia

    You have BEAUTIFUL LASHES! I love wonderchild on you! ?

  3. Kyle Prior

    Yes I will totally let you know when they get here what I think!! I’m so
    glad I got to see wonderchilde on you because otherwise I would have never
    fallen in love with it and ordered it!! Fingers crossed it looks good on me
    like it looks good on you!?

  4. Tamara Larson

    Keep poe ?

  5. Rosalyn S

    I hope you keep Wonderchilde! It looks beautiful on you! When you applied
    it, it instantly brightened up your eyes and really complimented your
    coloring. I find if you are drawn to a color, it probably means deep down
    you do like it and should enjoy using it, especially since it is such a
    beautiful color on you! :)?

  6. Super Sweetie

    I look forward to giving these a try! The shades you chose look awesome on
    you, but the Wonderchilde really is stunning with your eye colour! I would
    love to have seen Poe on you – the idea of navy shimmer is pretty

  7. Crusherkitty1

    I was STUNNED at how gorgeous that purple lipstick looked on you.
    Beautiful. Wow. I’m still waiting for my Sephora order….probably not til
    Thursday. I did get the book, however, it will be my next read!!!!Thanks,

  8. French Vanilla

    When doing lip swatches you always want to start off with the lightest
    colors to dark. Because you had on red lipstick then applied the lilac we
    didn’t get the true color! You applied black then went back to purple and
    it just makes it all murky. Did you notice a smell of the lipsticks? Its
    suppose to be creme brulee. I see on the website there are 30 shades that’s
    exciting. I really love Kat Von D’s makeup line cant wait to try these out?

  9. CupFullOfMysteries

    Thank you for reviewing these Megan! they all looked really nice on you, as
    for the navy color Po,I don’t think I could wrap my mind around blue/navy
    lipstick either lol!! Then again there was a time that blue nail polish was
    considered a no no too and now its everywhere.?

  10. Kelsey Summers

    I do partly agree with your daughter. Sometimes colors are good on people
    with certain personalities, HOWEVER, wonderchilde looked amazing on you, so
    why not be that person?! Thanks for your swatches!!?

  11. JustCCG

    Perfect timing Megan! I’ve been looking everywhere for lip swatches and I
    love LUV on you with your blue eyes! just a thought :)?

  12. Clau-lov


  13. Kyle Prior

    I ordered L’ecole Des Femmes and Sexer, since I love corals and Sexer
    swatched online looked like nothing I have in my collection. I have been
    really into a bright bold lip with just a black winged eyeliner look. But
    again I haven’t seen these in person yet, fingers crossed they work out! I
    think the colors you chose look really great on you…especially
    wonderchilde!! I thought what a beautiful swatch but I don’t know about
    on…I was very pleasantly surprised and you have talked me into ordering
    it too, so fun and unique!! I think your daughter said it perfectly, I
    think Poe is a really neat collector piece but not something I could pull
    off either or the person I am as your daughter put it beautifully!! As
    usual I’m really glad I saw this video, such great tips about application
    and wear, especially about the line in the mouth where you see the pink…I
    see that all the time!! ?

  14. Kyle Prior

    I swear if you didn’t live so far away we need to go shopping together!!
    Every time I place an order for something on Sephora you have a video for
    it in the next few days, great minds think alike!! I’m glad I’m not the
    only one spending so much on makeup, hehe!! I finally got the rest of the
    Marc Kiss Pops all except the last really really dark one I forget the name
    but it’s the 9th, last one and until I see that in person or a swatch I can
    wait…it looks very dark, maybe for fall? I only ordered two of the
    studded kat von d lippies since I’m not familiar with them and they are
    matte as well, but again such cute packaging!! ?

  15. Danijela Mitic

    I wanted to know how does it looks Hexagram and Motorhead on lips,thank

  16. Megan Jones

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