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Open Me ‘n Watch in HD!! :) More info can be found here…including the makeup I’m wearing in this video :) Officially meet Phoebe! 😀 Kill ya with cuteness I tell ya what! If I hadn’t been…

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24 Responses to “Haul : Kat Von D, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay, Smashbox, Sephora, OCC,”

  1. maggiesmakeuptv

    Ahhh!! Phoebe is THE CUTEST. *shmooshes*

    Too bad about the Kat Von D lip pies, I was really looking forward to them.
    A couple of the colours looks so gorgeous. Are they as bad as the Lorac

  2. BitterSweetPhoto

    I hope you try on of the non matte lipsticks from Kat Von D new studded
    ones. I got Wonderchilde and Wolvesmouth and love them. Thanks for the
    review on the other ones though :)?

  3. Jordan R

    what is your job where does your money come from!!!?

  4. Tarababyz

  5. LoeyLane

    HER LITTLE LEGS OMFG. I promise I’m listening to ya Tara, I’m just OBSESSED
    with your kitty! I don’t know how I’m going to tell my husband I need
    another cat… ?????

  6. MrsTheDoll

    Phoebe is SO cute! Yes, please show us more of what you buy at the
    drugstore. I buy 90% drugstore makeup and would love to hear your thoughts
    on your purchases. I tried the L’Oreal Visible Lift foundation and had to
    return it because I couldn’t get a good color match plus it oxidized and I
    ended up looking orange! xoxo Deb?

  7. LipglossLeslie

    Oh my gosh!! Phoebe is precious!! Those little legs!! Too cute!! And I just
    grabbed several of the new Kat Von D lipsticks today! I love the shades I
    got! But yeah, I tried some of the nudes and they just seemed super drying
    on my lips. :-/ Some of the darker and brighter shades are so fun though!
    Great haul, girl!! :)?

  8. curlywavydiane

    Phoebe is adorable!!! I love how she was playing with your braid!! =)
    another nice haul! That occ bubblegum pink is so pretty but i agree with
    you , it is too much of a hassle to use they need a better applicator. I am
    so excited for holiday especially watching your holiday vids! Yay!?

  9. Jamie Lyn Barton

    awesome haul as usual now ill be up in the morning off to sephora for more
    makeup it’s like a drug lol your kitty eeeeek too adorbable?

  10. BeautifullyInspired1

    Awesome haul, as usual! Too bad those Kat Von D lipsticks are drying as
    the colours and packaging are gorgeous! Those Sephora palettes remind me
    of my old Shiseido ones! Must try an OCC Lip Tar one day. Not the most
    practical thing, but the colours look amazing! Love your kitten! She
    really knows how to hold her own against your pup! She will be into
    everything! lol ?

  11. Heather King

    A kitty & cosmetics! What a killer combination! :) Great haul as always,
    Tara. You’re the third person that I’ve heard say that the Smashbox Full
    Exposure palette is a total stinker. I’ve been wanting it forever, but now
    I’m officially going to pass. Thanks for sharing and thanks for saving me
    money. :)

  12. MizKatieHill

    Your hauls give me life! I am with you with OCC repackaging their lip tars.
    I have to say that I like the stained glosses wayyyyy more than their
    regular lip tars. :) ?

  13. Carmen

    I also want to tell you that I admire you, you are one hard working women,
    I know this because from what I’ve heard caring for horses is not easy!!
    Full time job with overtime on your overtime STATUS. That’s crazy!! That’s
    why I don’t do pets, too much work….
    With more sub’s come more silly people, let’s call them “silly” for now, I
    just got home from Church 😉 im’a be nice, anyway as I was saying, your
    gonna have silly people being all up in your biz putting in their two cents
    on your spending and your life on your looks, on Whatever!! (They don’t
    think right), and they know nothing about you!!! Im not a big fan of slang
    but remember this..grrrl HATERS GONNA HATE. Love you!! :) haha?

  14. Sassy Cat

    Nuthin’ cutier than a munchkin tuxedo kitten. She is adorable. More video
    of Munchie!!!?

  15. Joyce Lee

    Tara, what is your go to contour product (that isn’t limited)??

  16. Andrew Addiction

    Yes, you did a ‘little’ damage lol just ordered the amrezy palette and
    can’t wait to play with it. Loved the haul! Xo, Andrew?

  17. Amanda B

    Ahhh Phoebe! She’s perfect! I can’t handle her! Way to manhandle the
    comment below, bravo! P.S. I work in Corporate America at a fancy desk job.
    I know you were DYING to know. 😉 Excellent video as usual, Tara. I love
    the color combination on the 4rd green Sephora palette. That metallic green
    color is pretty fun for fall!?

  18. Dessi G.

    Little kittens are even better than make-up! Loads of love to Phoebe! She
    is the most precious little thing!?

  19. Liz Melo

    Tara, LOVE your videos — ignore the haters. The kitty is so adorable —
    can’t wait for future vlogs including her. Yes, please first impressions
    on the Amrezy palette and the Cherry Smoke one too (I ordered both as
    well). Thanks for sharing with us your passion, I too adore make up and
    have a pretty good collection; I take alot of inspiration from you and your
    recommendations. Oh, and I have a job too — honest hardwork just like you
    and we can spend our money however we want :)?

  20. LuvSumMeiKup

    Adorable!!! More phoebe pls!!! And great haul! I always love your honest
    reviews and trust because you purchased them with your own hard working
    money. Please keep making videos for us! <3?

  21. Dee Funakoshi-Aquino

    Okay so this is personal question. How the hell do u afford all that lol ,
    you Dont have pro discounts, ( which if you can hun totally try and get
    them. Have them for every company that offers them) so your paying
    retail….I’m jealous.
    That cat is adorable. I love the legs.so cute …and the pony. We actually
    just got back from north Dakota and rescued 23 mini ponies because lady got
    sick,and didnt want them getting in bad health then getting rescued. So
    this awesome lady planned ahead and did it before hand. But if you ever
    interested let me know . I run a couple mini stables as well as normal
    ones. And they had every kind you can imagine, or you could rescue
    one.mine, trademark, us seriously like a dog half the time that’s how he
    acts. Lol but others, all he wants to do is jump. That’s what he was born
    to do. I’m like too bad you weren’t a thoroughbred or warmblood I would
    ride and jump him everyday lol he has that perfect mentality.?

  22. bamaannie

    Oh My Gawd!! Phoebe is SOOOO stinkin’ cute!! I want a munchkin now!! I have
    a pug and he loves kitties..lol..yes to the Amrezy palette review and look
    please!! I have used mine once and LOVED it! It’s gonna be perfect for

  23. Alessya Delgado

    omg you’re amaazziinnng and now I want a kitty…?

  24. OneBeautyAddict

    I love your hauls! ?

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