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25 Responses to “HAUL | Sephora, Ulta, Makeup Geek, BECCA, Kat Von D”

  1. latifah bates

    How dark is the kevyn aucoin sculpting powder? I’m about a shade darker
    than you I’m nc47/ nc50 ish is that going to be too light for me? ?

  2. Daivlatambra

    Its oily cause you contour first then add your setting powder ?

  3. kayuniquebreeze

    Tina you are the queen of hauls. You showed some great stuff. I need those
    Marc Jacobs lippies. TFS. ?

  4. brandiwine_79

    FYI, I just noticed today that Ulta sells Becca products on their website.?

  5. ohlaaax

    So glad you got the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Power! You’re going to love it.
    It darkens slightly after you spray your face with a setting spray (of
    course), so you can get it to stand out a bit more after you’ve applied it.
    I wish I would’ve gotten it while it was still being sold at 6.8 grams.
    YES, 6.8 GRAMS. And if the company came out with more shades than just
    medium, I’d go nuts. I wonder what this would look like layered over Tom
    Ford’s Shade & Illuminate?

    Love these long hauls! Happy Tuesday!?

  6. MissDirtyDianaRene

    Than you for this video I was going to buy all the becca items you showed
    im a slight bit darker then you NC45 in mac shade prob NC43 if the had that
    shade but Now I see the products color and texture Ill pass on becca and
    get the too face bronzer instead highlighter im in love with my Hourglass
    so Thanks for this video?

  7. guzelkiz0216

    I totally agree with you about the Kat Von D lipsticks. I went in to buy
    them and they weren’t even out for display yet but the girl at my local JCP
    Sephora showed them to me and since they scanned I bought the 4 colors I
    had been eyeing which were Gothica, Coven, Cathedral, and Wunderchilde.
    Honestly none of them really blew me away when I tried them on. I always
    wear lip balm underneath any lip color but I could totally see that these
    lipsticks aren’t creamy or moisturizing in any way. I did like the colors
    but I def think they’re overpriced for what they are.?

  8. Sandy Hernandez

    Where is your monogram necklace from? Is the quality good? I’ve been
    looking for a nice silver one.?

  9. MakeupEternal98

    Could you PLEASE do a MAKEUP COLLECTION!!!!! Love you!?????

  10. D Rogers

    Great haul. Love today’s eye look. Thanks for sharing.?

  11. BeautyisScience

    Now I support you ever since you told us about sleek back in the day, I
    love my YouTube makeup and hair Gurus, the education they provide far
    exceed real life. ?????

  12. Terah Miller

    Thank you?

  13. Daivlatambra

    Geat haulI was looking at that Becca bronzer I just went with the press
    powder Cacao its really nice ?

  14. Melissa G

    Do you dye your hair? Do you know what brand/
    color it is if yes??

  15. Cheekbonesare_likewhoa

    I don’t understand how your not at the 100,000s. You are an awesome makeup
    artist,”tutorialist” ( I don’t think thats a word lol ), reviewer, and you
    have such a fun personality! I need to do my part and share your videos ?

  16. buju b

    Do u like lorac pro 2 more than naked 3??

  17. Jen U

    I was so excited!! Haul time?

  18. Msangiewow

    Loved this video!!!! I need some of these. Your reaction to the Kat Von D
    lipsticks cracked me up!!!?

  19. Yvette James

    As always..great reviews, very thorough, you are the best!?

  20. Tally Salkey

    +thefancyfaced I’m loving the reviews on Marlena’s Makeup Geek shadows,
    they all look very pigmented and they’ve often been compared to some of
    MAC’s shadows. I kinda have a slight bias towards her as well lol. I
    remember before I started my blog I would always check out her website if I
    needed to see reviews on certain MAC products. Great video as usual Tina!

  21. DrkNSwt

    You know I luvs me a haul.
    Too bad about the kat von D lipsticks. I will try to see if my lips like or
    not. There def was some pretty colors. ?

  22. MsTinel1

    MAKE-UP GEEK in-depth review NOW please! Can’t wait for your thoughts! I so
    value your make up reviews. Also, any recommendations for a setting powder
    for a brown girl (nc45/nc50– Gabrielle Union-ish) darker than you, that
    won’t look ashy or grayish? Thanks for your thoughts!?

  23. Dropyourworries

    Review on the Lorac pro pallet (: ???? great vid as well !?

  24. dbtuners

    Can’t wait for your brand review and swatches of MakeupGeek products. I’m
    thinking about purchasing some of the pigments and e/s but the blushes seem
    too light for my NC44 skin tone.?

  25. Angela Lewis

    So was cathedral just as bad? I almost ordered that immediately before I
    finished the video. Glad I stuck around. ?

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