How to Get Kat Von D’s Signature Cat Eye Look Using Ink Liner | Sephora Posted by admin on July 22nd, 2014 | Comments (17) |

Shop Kat Von D at Sephora: What it is: A super-rich and waterproof, felt-tip liquid pen eyeliner for instant drama and effortless bold definition. What it does: Get…

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17 Responses to “How to Get Kat Von D’s Signature Cat Eye Look Using Ink Liner | Sephora”

  1. FuDgEBuBbLeZ

    MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED…now the only question is if it is for sale
    in Canadian Sephoras…?

  2. AlyssaAttackk

    Kaaaat i love it! Will definitely be trying it out ?.?

  3. jessicamal78

    I really love your makeup line and the tattoo liner is my all time fav
    right now and I cannot wait to try these new liners. I usually find it hard
    to do eyeliner on other people but your tattoo liner makes me look like a
    pro. I hope you never stop with creating new makeup.?

  4. Carrie Howard

    Tattoo is my favorite. I’ll give Ink a try next .?

  5. thekatvond

  6. Pop Cristina Daniela

    I want to see that in Romania also?

  7. Marlene Galarza

    I love all of her makeup line it’s ALL PERFECT!!! ?

  8. levitjuuh

    OMG need it!! I love you kat! :D?

  9. Awkward Soul

    Ink liner sounds like a dream! The tattoo liner is my fav right now, but
    I’ve been wanting something more quick and bold.?

  10. Jackiee Galvan

    You are just so gorgeous ???????

  11. Theresa Du

    Followed you on Instagram as you posted that portrait through its different
    stages. It’s a beautiful beautiful piece of work. Congratulations. ?

  12. Gatubelaaa

    I prefer the tattoo liner because the felt tip liner doesn’t allow my lines
    to be as precise and neat.

    The felt tip liner is thicker, the ink liner feels more like drawing with a

    The tattoo liner made up of many bristles, which helps me get the perfect
    cat eye look. I can get deeper and more closer to my lash line. I don’t
    feel like I can accomplish that as easily with the felt tip.?

  13. vampiresiren2 .

    i think that its great that you brought out a liner to suit everyone. Some
    people like kohl some felt tip or liquid liner or the fine brush liner. I
    think everyone is happy because they get to choose which one works best for
    them. Now if we could only get Sephora to ship to Ireland then it would be
    perfect ;)?

  14. Vicky Lovely

    I love the lipstick, whats the name of if ???

  15. TheBlondie1816

    What lipstick is she wearing? Anyone know??

  16. TheNormaJeaneBakery

    You’re so damn beautiful Kat!! Love you so much!?

  17. Gemma Stargazer

    I really love it. I own both liners and I find myself reaching foe this
    more because its easier to make thicker lines with this. I use the original
    for very precise thin wings and for the inner corner in case I want to
    extend the line more without too much exaggeration. ?

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