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Please Subscribe, and comment! MY OBSESSION candylipz use…

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24 Responses to “GRWM CHIT CHAT! | NARS Isolde Itcosmetics Kat Von D”

  1. SugarPuffAndFluff

    Beautiful as always xoxox?

  2. GirlyTipsEtc

    Gorgeous look! Love the lippie color absolutely stunning! I received a
    trial size of the Better Than Sex mascara from Sephora can’t wait to try

  3. LindsayChristineM

    This may be the dumbest question ever but what do you mean when you say you
    have to turn the water on? Do you mean to like water your garden? lol I
    feel like I am missing something lol And OMG! I would DIE if a rattle
    snake was in my yard! eeeek! btw you look gorgeous without makeup! I I
    looked that good bare faced, I’d never wear makeup lol xoxoxo ?

  4. Cheryl'sCorner

    looking good!?

  5. Jett1n

    Omgggg about the snake!! God was there protecting you for sure!! Thanks for
    the video! I didn’t catch where u got your..was it IT cosmetics bronzer?
    Love the look!?

  6. crazybeautifulmua

    Love that lip combo it looks great on you!?

  7. Jamie Lyn Barton

    Thought i would do a get ready with me it’s been awhile xx?

  8. Brittany Hendrix

    Girlfriend…the snake thing :O I would have peed. Freaked out I am telling
    you. & You are so not a good influence on me…., I am on a no buy& that
    foundation is litterally at the top of my list come August. I have heard
    nothing but awesome reviews on the iT cos foundation. ???????

  9. TheTeppylei

    Hi Jamie, What kind of camera do you have? It looks co clear. You look
    fabulous in all of your vids. Your Candylipz are crazy. Love that thing:))?

  10. Susan W

    OMGosh about the snake, that is CRAZY! Great video and beautiful look!
    Can’t wait to hear about the NYX eyebrow gel, gorgeous look! <3 Susan?

  11. emandlivy

    You look very young without makeup vey pretty girl , I’m jealous !! X?

  12. Piru Diaz

    Excellent makeup tutorial?

  13. Bransonhill100

    You look so beautiful. That make up really looks good. Love the darker

  14. Lisa Hotwing

    Won’t let me write u back n yeah ok 32 weeks pregnant with baby #2 he will
    b here sep 7th or maybe end of aug if I’m lucky lol!! Ur videos always make
    me wanna go do my makeup!! Lol! But my goodness u did luck out on the ????I
    kno in Cali where I’m from we hot rattle snakes a lot I couldn’t stand them
    now being on the east coast we have to deal with copper heads! My hubby
    knows so much bout snakes I can’t stand them thought of them gives me
    chills if I dream about them I’m SOL. For sleep lol?

  15. tiffanylami

    Great vid. ?

  16. Piru Diaz

    I was going to try the lip thing but people say It will look like I have
    duck lips lol?

  17. Lisa Hotwing

    Been soo busy glad to see ur videos r back up how u feeling xox?

  18. Beth Graves

    You have such a great talent/gift at putting makeup on!! I absolutely loved
    that lip combo again…..LOL!! ?

  19. Lisa Hotwing

    I don’t do ???? I’ll pass hahaa ?

  20. SuperLadySheba

    Luv the lips&eyes so much!!!?

  21. urthebest1122

    Looking like a bombshell! Happy you got yourself an ac. It’s way too hot
    without one in the summer. :))?

  22. nellie pisani

    love love the foundation! you look so good! xx?

  23. Charlotte Watson

    Jamie try the double wear in 1c0 shell it will be perfect on you that’s
    what I use it’s a great match Xx?

  24. LindsayChristineM

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