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Hey Everyone! My eye is looking a lot better than it was a few days before this! Hence why I haven;t filmed in about a week! I thought I would do one anyways…

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10 Responses to “Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation + Powder Review”

  1. Fabi Rostran

    +Leonie Graf Hey girl yes I’m going to try and do giveaway when I reach
    1000 Subscribers! And thanks I’ve been working harder on them!?

  2. Cyntia Camacho

    I have a love/hate relationship with this foundation lol ..the first week I
    had it I used primer and it was horrible.. finally I used only moisturizer
    (like you) and I loved it! Now I blend my BH foundation with it b/c all of
    a sudden its too light for my skin tone.. and I am loving it at the
    moment.. its my everyday foundation which probably shouldn’t be b/c of how
    heavy it is but I love full coverage way better!?

  3. Kyralee Sarah

    I just came across your channel tonight and I have to say, I love your
    I just made a youtube channel recently, so if you have time please check it
    out? you’re gorgeous btw x?

  4. Apsara Ahmed

    What shade are you in this??

  5. Ilse Cadena

    I’m so happy I found your video love your personality ?????

  6. Leonie Graf

    Could you pls do a turtorial for Beginners how to do the perfect cat eye an
    just how to use a eye liner? <3 Or a new Giveaway (for exemple Benefit or
    the Michelle Phan Collection or MakeupForever or it doesn't matter your
    favourite Brand 😀 Because they are all not available where I live :/?

  7. trishonnas trends

    woaaah!! this stuff looks so legit! i need ti try this for my raggedy skin
    you have great skin girl! and very pretty! im a new subscriber! i make
    videos too it would mean alot if you checked out my channel and sub back if
    you like i love and need youtube friends! :) keep in touch! love your goofy
    personality ?

  8. Leonie Graf

    Your videos are getting so much better *_________* <3 :*?

  9. nataliesnails

    love the video(: your makeup is gorg and so are you! xx I subbed to your
    channel, hope you can sub back!!?

  10. Fabi Rostran

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