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The Abominable DR.CHUD gets his first tattoo from Amy Nicoletto on L.A. INK – season 10 premiere. Official DR.CHUD Sites: http://WWW.DRCHUD.COM http://WWW.FA…

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  1. Matt Buchanan

    This is awesome?

  2. BrandonThyName1983

    So glad I saw this after seeing it mentioned on Chud’s Wikipedia entry.
    Having said that like all said, I wished that the blonde would have had
    more respect & not yapped so damn much. Fuck was she ever annoying.?

  3. SlashMan.EXE

    First tattoo and he went balls to the wall.?

  4. RedPirate42

    I expected to see more CHUD… and not random blonde. But awesome anyway?

  5. SKAuthenticDank

    Seriously? She fuckin sits there thinking the customers want to hear their
    stupid fucking bullshit..

  6. TheMisfits131

    I was walking by the TV, my sis had this on, I hear CHUD and I go COOOOL

  7. KillAllYourFriends

    anyone else not expect him to be blonde?

  8. Blastinrails

    if i was chud id tell the blonde bitch to not come in and disctracting the
    bitch giving him his first tattoo?

  9. skahead123

    Dr chud is a sick drummer

  10. GassyNewYork

    Dr Chud is just like “Y’all better shut the fuck up else imma put a knife
    through someone”

  11. samblumenshineable

    Chud chud chud

  12. Devilock85

    Why are these bitches talking, I wanna listen to Dr. Chud.

  13. GreenDonkeyProd

    Bitch! WE DON’T CARE!!!!! DR.CHUD FTW

  14. hulio932

    its great to see dr chud on tv it feels so strange

  15. russian_barbie

    id lick both there beavers clean (^_^) lol

  16. Flamma Ignis

    Hey tattoo kids, you’re in the presence of greatness shut the fuck up

  17. Thomas Darkmoon

    i have friends who have or currently work in tattoo shops they said it’s
    pure drama

  18. GilbertSyndrome

    “In the Misfits, every night when he gets on stage…” Sooo, does she think
    he’s still in the Misfits? haha.

  19. Underdog3210

    When I saw this on T.V I flipped

  20. Pussing Eye Productions

    Amy did an awesome job! CHUD IS THE MAN!!!!!!!

  21. richard unmasked

    He look’s like Tre’ Cool ahhaha


    frick that girl is totally ruining this vid it should just be about chud
    getting his tattoos

  23. RockaBillyMan2012

    Dr.fucking Chud bad ass drummer

  24. Megas Alexandros

    Dr Chuds all like “Damn bitch! Im getting a tattoo here! take your problems
    else where!”

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