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Makeup Tutorial Kat Von D Monarch Palette – My tutorial using the Kat Von D Monarch palette and other cosmetics to bring you this amazing look. It is date night with Denise, and I wanted a…

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25 Responses to “Makeup Tutorial Kat Von D Monarch Palette”

  1. NurseNJ

    lets help her get 5000 subbies!!?

  2. Liz Melo

    love this palette and the colors you married were perfect!!! can’t wait to
    see the OFTD — dress from top half looks stunning!!! love your tutorials

  3. NurseNJ

    Just beautiful Candy!?

  4. Krista Roman

    Beautiful look!?

  5. It's all about beauty 2014

    Gorgeous look candy! Can’t wait to see my wife does my make up tag x?

  6. TheCandyShow

    Makeup Tutorial Kat Von D Monarch – My tutorial using the Kat Von D Monarch
    palette and other cosmetics to bring you this amazing look. It is date
    night with Denise, and I wanted a makeup look that matched my new dress.
    Thank you for watching, subscribing, liking and sharing my videos. I
    welcome your comments and read every single one. See you in my next video.

  7. tracy paramo

    Those colors look amazing on you.?

  8. Taitai7

    Beautiful! Works lovely with your dress :) I’ll have to try out that lip
    combo too?

  9. lauren matthews

    lovvvvve this look!!?

  10. Phyllis Terrell

    You look very pretty I enjoyed the video…enjoy..?

  11. viri d

    candy please help me 2 things iam super overweight and iam going to my
    sister wedding and she told us we all have to wear dress would you please
    show me what would you wear? the other thing would you do.a video on how to
    have coonfidience being a plusize because I cant even goo out to eat with
    my husband cause iam embarrassed or afraid of bad and loud comments from
    adults and kids please help thank u so much.?

  12. Ramblingsby Cat

    Loved the beautiful eyeshadow! ?

  13. Melbel Lolo

    Beautiful, just beautiful!! Loved that u had your hair back!! ?

  14. BohistaNordica


  15. Christine Zwally

    Great vid, Candy! Beautiful! ?

  16. Zhoraz Zhora

    I enjoy your videos so much especially your makeup tutorials. I’m going to
    try this makeup look. Looking forward to my next Sephora haul. Thankyou so
    much dear :)?

  17. Reb Bro


  18. bluesfanlenny

    What a nice look and thanks for posting about the palette! ?

  19. beauty In budget

    love this palette.. you look beautiful..?

  20. Reb Bro

    you look amazing here!!?

  21. 1416162730

    Great tutorial candy I loved the glitter your added over the gold eyeliner?

  22. de1978l

    Love the look. Does Denise ever dabble into the makeup world? thanks for

  23. Tracy

    Absolutely fabulous!!!! ?

  24. Katerina Beauty Blog

    I love your eyeshadow so much! I wish we had Kat Von D makeup in Australia

  25. Purr0066

    Worked so nice with the dress! This palette is so pretty! Hope you guys had
    a great time! #stormtini lol ?

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