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Theresa, a model, comes into the shop to get a compass tattoo done on her neck; Megan breaks her no-straight-lines-on-the-neck rule and gives it a shot. For …

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18 Responses to “No Straight Lines on the Neck – NY Ink”

  1. Samuel Brown

    That is one bad ass tattoo.?

  2. Bill K

    Interesting Neck Tattoo. Awesome execution Megan! Bi?l Kearney. :-)?

  3. NitroTV

    Maybe she should of used her tattoo money to fix those haggerd teeth ..?

  4. Nathalie Rose

    Megan: Any talking or swallowing and boom.. straight lines are messed up.
    2 Minutes later, she starts asking her questions while doing the tattoo O_o?

  5. William Shakespeare

    Sweet Ink! I’ve got 2 hours booked for tomorrow, will be my first; I’m so
    buzzed lol?

  6. Luke jones

    well the black hole on your neck looks……………………………… ?

  7. Fê Caldas

    Beautifully done.?

  8. UnitedKingdom93

    megan is an awesome artist..?

  9. Josie Z.

    that tattoo is very awesome! 😀 <3?

  10. SiliconeBunny

    Sick as fuck?

  11. Karolayn Crow Draven

    Wow…. Megan is so fucking beautiful….?

  12. Luis Nebel

    i love that she tells her that even the slightest movement could mess up
    the lining and she just has her laying there talking…?

  13. IDK tigerWEST

    She’s hot?

  14. angela g

    holy shit!! amazing job?

  15. Ayanna Gaskins

    OMg I know she’s gorgeous?

  16. Bigian290


  17. aBagOfGruis

    Why does she start talking to her while tattooing if its so hard to make
    straight lines on the neck??

  18. ink

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