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la ink.

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17 Responses to “la ink casting”

  1. EmoBean07

    Hey, thats really cool! :] I’m really looking forward to LA Ink.. Good luck
    with trying to be on the show. Hopefully see you on it. :] -Josh

  2. spoorjames

    wow your really cute

  3. JulietEmily23

    Good luck! I wanna get a tattoo on the show SO BAD. Their work is
    absolutely amazing.

  4. Raúl Bustamante

    I’ve seen this video like three times. I got crazy about your voice, love
    it, I don´t know why! Ciao.

  5. buze

    dont you have to call or something? :p

  6. blackasher

    which studio are you apprenticing for? :)

  7. Jonboyartwerks

    looks like a tattoo that will take about 20 minutes to finish and will cost
    yo about a thousand $


    You have nice eyebrows and teeth. How many kids do you have?

  9. shinelley

    thanks :)

  10. shinelley

    no they never got back to me :( kat only tattoos famous ppl or someone with
    a better story then mine. lol so i was thinking of getting something else,
    but i have no more money saved.

  11. hackstar13

    Wow… maybe one day I have one Fish Koi or something big in black art by
    the hands of kate :-)


    Do the really get on here looking for people to be on the show ?

  13. Ari3LL3macdre

    did you get it done?

  14. sarahnicole14

    You can’t just post a video. You have to go to one of their casting calls.
    Oh yeah, OR if you don’t mind not being on the show, if you make an
    appointment they will tattoo you during normal bussiness hours.

  15. 2012zion

    hope kat or corey works on your tattoo. love black and grey shading. I’m
    from toronto too and wish a fellow canuck well. would be great to see you
    on show. however I think if you’re not a celebrity you need some hard luck
    or death-in-the-family story to get on show. so make it good and it’ll be
    great to see you. go with toronto maple leafs jersey, hahaha. good luck and
    all the best.

  16. rcbasher666


  17. shinelley

    thank you!

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