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Shop Kat Von D at Sephora: What it is: A super-rich and waterproof, felt-tip liquid pen eyeliner for instant drama and effortless bold definition. What it does: Get…

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17 Responses to “Introducing Ink Liner by Kat Von D | Sephora”

  1. MegaLastingBeauty

    SLAYER aahhh love the shirt..I use your eyeliners I love them they are
    extremely black and they do not smudge..My favorite is the trooper..I like
    my liner BLACK>>>but matte and usually set with a shadow to make it matte
    so definitely looking forward to this checking sephora tomorrow hope its

  2. SeaShelzBeauty Knight

    I lovvve all your products!!! Especially your eyeshadow palettes. Im going
    to have to try the new ink liner?

  3. jlovely77

    your foundation is one of my fav products ever!!!?

  4. madcrazymom

    I think the Ink liner is darker, bolder, and lasts longer, if that is even
    possible. I find it much easier to get a really dark line, and in much
    less time. I still love my tattoo liner, but this one is amazing. I
    purchased two already so I have a backup just in case. If you want the
    boldest and fastest line possible, go with the Ink. Tattoo applies a
    softer line and can get closer to the lashes, but Ink is bolder and more

  5. Luna Moon

    This is the best eyeliner ever made ,I have tried other eye liners and in
    the trash can they go ,this is by far the best eyeliner on the market. I
    will never go back to any other eyeliners. the new formula is amazing in
    this felt tip, it is so easy for the cat eye.
    Thank you for making this can’t live without eyeliner. ?

  6. Michelle Ferguson Sewell

    Will you offer another color besides black? I love your Maya Tattoo Liner.?

  7. Stephany Barrera

    Tattoo liner is the best liner I have ever purchased. The bristles is the
    beat part of it too. I feel like felt tip liners eventually deteriorate and
    create a small ball of felt at the tip.?

  8. Tiff D

    I wish u made it in more colors other than black?

  9. ax051005

    I do have trooper it’s my holy grail eyeliner will buy ink liner to try

  10. BFFsJoliandCourts

    I want to get this! I love how Kat puts so much thought into her products.?

  11. 82seeker

    Omg a red lip looks so beautiful on her. ?

  12. Jhaneth Pz


  13. indibabe15

    I just purchased the ink liner this past Saturday and I am an eyeliner
    addict and this by far does give me instant gratification and control! It
    is amazing! Thanks Kat for always being so innovative and putting so much
    thought and details into all of your products! I have definitely found my
    new fave eyeliner!?

  14. Sarahhh0101

    I love the tattoo liner… I just wish it was a touch more black black. I
    will try out ink liner and see :D?

  15. Arden Barlow

    I love the inkliner. I feel it gives me more control :)?

  16. jenna dotson

    Lol ok so after leaving my previous comment of thinking my tattoo liner was
    a felt tip I went to my makeup bag and looked at my liner. I said no this
    is totally a felttip! Then I read it ans its the ink liner. Lol I assumed
    it wasn’t out yet since u were talking about it. Wen I bought it I just
    assumed I was buying the waterproof tattoo liner. Either way I’m glad I
    have it. Its as amazg as u say. Now I’m curious to try the original one
    tho. Lmao?

  17. jenna dotson

    I’m totally shocked right now. Lol I have tattoo liner n have been using it
    for a few weeks since I got it everyday n I thought it was a felttip. Wen
    it said it was brush hairs I couldn’t believe it! U bamboozled me! Lol now
    I wana try this new one too since I love the tattoo liner!?

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