Coldplay – Easy To Please ( Late-Nite Cover by Kat Von D ) Posted by admin on June 23rd, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Recorded shittily on my iPad, in my living room, on my piano, just for you. With Love, KvD.

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25 Responses to “Coldplay – Easy To Please ( Late-Nite Cover by Kat Von D )”

  1. SullenxRiot182

    Kat seriously, is there anything you CAN’T do? lol! So talented and such an
    inspiration to me.?

  2. beautyyjana

    Kat I love you so much you are so talented musically through your covers
    and artistically through your tattoos it is my dream for you to tattoo me
    one day because you are just so talented <3 such an inspiration keep on
    singing girl?

  3. Gii Garcia

    Beautiful!! ?


    OMG!! Kat, well done!?

  5. Evan Cahill


  6. Abi Dashery

    Cool version dude … love when you post little surprise gems like that :)
    … would really love to hear you play Moonlight Sonata if ya get a late
    night urge :) x?

  7. curt w

    wow your amazing kat von d great singer talented tattoo artist model and
    have your own line of makeup and clothes and book of tattoes ya done on
    people love you anything you cant do your so talented and sucessful
    hope you bring a album out
    lov3 and pe@ce from sunderland uk :)?

  8. Ruslan Botsyurko

    Wow, that was really deep and touching! I can’t wait for the album to come
    out, you’re incredibly sensitive and talented and it just feels sincerely
    when you transfer the feelings into the songs. Just breathtaking. Really!?

  9. Reader1717

    That was so beautiful:) Thank you for sharing. There is nothing more
    romantic than growing old with the person you love.?

  10. Victor Ferreira


  11. moongoddess666

    I don’t believe this!! You are so talented!!! Love you! <3?

  12. sheealybeauty

    J’adore I like :)?

  13. mledoll

    You have a pretty mouth.?

  14. Tomskee

    What a beautiful song! Like the camera effects too. ?

  15. Loki9mm

    I don’t know how I feel… How to feel…?

  16. Herro Hihi

    Amazing. So talented in all aspects you beautiful girl you :) ?

  17. Fatima Torres

    Beautiful ?

  18. KittenClient

    A woman of many talents?????????

  19. Chris Zuccato

    Ooh, wow!?

  20. Freddie Calderon

    kat von d is so beautiful?

  21. thebrianomg245

    i cant wait for an album!?

  22. jessmayify

    Wow!! Didn’t know you could sing! It’s so beautiful<3 you sing very lovely.

  23. mledoll

    :) You look beautiful when you sing. ?

  24. KittenClient

    Wow you can sing girl!?

  25. Jazmin Montes

    Cantas super bonitoooo?

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