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20 Responses to “Sephora Haul | Hourglass, Kat Von D, Nars, YSL”

  1. Melissa Parada

    Yay so glad you were able to purchase some awesome goodies with the
    discount :) Thank you for the shout-out! LOVE the Hourglass ambient powder
    set, it is my favorite recent purchase. And the Kat Von D products are
    wonderful, been obsessed with her foundation lately. Katie is definitely on
    my wishlist, so many rave about it! xoMelissa ?

  2. asdwhite1

    Would this (hourglass palette) look good on oily olive/medium skin. ?

  3. betty4gators

    LOVE your necklace and top!!?

  4. Judi Garcia

    Can you do a first impression video for the Kat Von D powder? I’m
    interested in trying her products.?

  5. Melissa Raymond

    Oh love Katie! U look beautiful!!! Xo

  6. Alexandrea Garza

    Will do! Thanks for watching!

  7. Alexandrea Garza

    Yep :)

  8. Alexandrea Garza

    Thank you!

  9. lanenairisd

    Nice haul!

  10. Alexandrea Garza

    Thanks! xo

  11. alejandra perez

    Oooo girl u made me wanna go shopping great items can u do a view on the
    hourglass palette

  12. Catherine Heathcliff

    Hey love your channel. You should do a first impression on the Kay Von d
    foundation powder :)

  13. Alexandrea Garza

    Yes, thanks for watching!

  14. Alexandrea Garza

    Yes! Thanks for watching!

  15. Alexandrea Garza

    Aw thank you! I have immaculate, I love the finish and how long it stays on
    but its too sheer for me. Do you wear concealer with it? xo

  16. cortezmayra14

    Do a review on the kat von d powder foundation

  17. Alexandrea Garza

    We must have similar taste! I’m going to do a review on Kat Von D. Nails
    Inc is not impressing me I’ve tried it twice and it doesn’t plump or make
    my nail polish last longer.

  18. Melissa Turner

    Good Haul! I have the Kat Von D foundation powder. It’s nice and I like it
    but I don’t reach for it as often since I purchased the Hourglass
    Immaculate foundation which is AMAZING!! You should try it. :) Illamasqua
    blushes are the BEST and OHMYGOSH we have the same taste in makeup lol (I
    have the NARS loose powder too hah!) 😀 You are GORG!

  19. daapples

    I was at Sephora just this morning looking at the Nails Inc products and
    Kat Von D foundations and couldn’t decide on which to get, review please 😀

  20. TheKnightDivine

    Do you go to school in MI?

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