Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer Review (& quick demo) Posted by admin on June 16th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer Review (& quick demo)”

  1. Nguyen Tran

    You remind me of Mischa Barton. :D?

  2. Tam Opack

    Can you wear the Concealer just by itself without any foundation.or power?

  3. Adriana Joseph

    Is it as pigmented as Benefit Boi-ing?

  4. sammie460

    glad you like it! My boyfriend got sick of me taking over the bathroom
    counter to do my makeup so we finally got me a vanity table and area to
    store all my crap :-)

  5. sammie460

    I’ve never tried Boi-ing. But I’ve swatched it at Ulta & Sephora. Boi-ing
    is definetaly a different consistency, being so creamy Kat Von D is a ton
    easier to blend out. Both are very pigmented IMO. Really depends on what
    you’re trying to cover :-)

  6. cristinecal

    also- are you using this in conjunction with the acne solutions?

  7. Ausstan Layton

    I just got both the Kat Von D canceler and foundation! I love them both!
    They are so amazing makes me look perfect!

  8. Kat

    i got a tattoo when i was 21-now i’m 31 and i hate it! so i wan’t to cover
    it up!

  9. sammie460

    I personally dont have any tattoos but I’ve heard a ton of people use this
    concealer with the specific primer from Kat Von D that you can pair it
    with. It’s suppose to be wonderful together. Especially for special events.
    Check out some of the reviews on the sephora website….I read a few on
    there from brides that said they used this for their big day

  10. sammie460

    …I only use about 10% of the camera’s capabilities. With that sized
    camera you’d need to invest in a tripod, a lighting kit, a good lense, all
    sorts of attachments….and honestly I would have none of it if it wasn’t
    sitting my our apartment because of my Bo’s hobby :-) but at the end of the
    day it’s up to you! If you’d really love a nice camera, may be go for that.
    I’d personally just blow money on makeup XO

  11. sammie460

    Homework use to drive me UP the wall :-) I loved school and just hated the

  12. sammie460

    I’ve heard that too! There are def some great drugstore alternatives to
    other makeup out there…but not this! I love it!

  13. toshibhardwaj

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  14. ChevyChafes

    Okay that’s great but this review didn’t help me because you didn’t
    actually cover up a tattoo. Considering it’s a tattoo concealer. Thanks

  15. Zeba Ansari

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  16. sammie460

    I think you’re better of with makeup. It’ll give you more hands-on with
    different brands and give you a chance to give your viewers reviews….but
    stick to things you love and use more often that way you’ll have no regrets
    :-) I only use the DSLR canon because it’s my boyfriends and his a
    photographer by hobby. The camera is complicated and I needed a lot of
    guidance from him in the beginning about the settings, the lighting
    equipment and all the trinkets that need to be used….and still I

  17. cristinecal

    what’s up fellow NYer 😉

  18. sammie460

    Express :-)

  19. sammie460

    hey hey!

  20. lilynoel15

    I have a question, I’m thirteen years old and I aspire to be a beauty guru
    such as yourself. Should I invest in buying the Canon t3 or should I get a
    BUNDLE of makeup and brushes and just stick to iPhone 5mp quality. At the
    moment I have a fair amount of makeup but what do you think would be a
    smarter investment for a beauty guru?

  21. BombshellBeauty15

    Awesome review!! I may try it one day :) I love that shirt! Where did you
    get it?

  22. Ausstan Layton


  23. Gabby Debens

    love love love the new set up girl x the concealer looks AMAZING x shame
    its so difficult to get a hold of in the uk x i seriously love your videos
    beau xxx

  24. sammie460

    Sometimes, and only if I really need the extra coverage. The clinique acne
    solutions is already a pretty full coverage foundation for me and a little
    touch of the bare minerals concealer or thebalm liquid concealer will do
    (both are medium coverage). The Kat Von D can look a little heavy on top of
    the acne solutions and my shade is actually a tad lighter than the
    foundation so it takes a good blending and setting powder to make it work.
    I love this concealer on its own with just a powder over it

  25. Evelynn Torres

    Hard candy concealer is Awful! It creases so bad..how can pple compare it?
    In my opinion price says it all

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