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THUMBS UP FOR MY 200th VIDEO!!!! Can’t believe I’ve uploaded that many dang videos!! Hi kitty kats….time to talk about some bomb diggles eyeshadows!!! Prepare your camels!! CHECK OUT THESE…

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Monarch & Chrysalis Palettes-Swatch & Review”

  1. Neelia476

    Damn it! You’re going to make me get that Monarch palette! I’m going to
    wait and see if I still want it in 2 weeks!?

  2. Young Wild and Polished

    Buttery eyeshadows to celebrate my 200th video!!!?

  3. AmyE4D

    Totally ? you! ! We must have grown up in the same era you sing all the
    throwback jams :-)?

  4. Rhonda Landry

    I don’t know why but I lost it when you were “air petting” Duke. Hahaha!!?

  5. Riverchild27

    Must stop watching your videos when I have to pee. You make me laugh so
    much! Frankly I want these palettes just for the packaging, but your
    review makes me want the shadows too. Do as many tutorials as you want
    with these, I love to see your looks. ?

  6. Tammy Corrigan

    I would really like to see chrysalis tutorials first thx love your videos
    love xo?

  7. sarababe74

    I love how excited you get, lol! Gorgeous palettes and a great price!?

  8. Candy G

    Yeah the names of the shadows are kind of confusing. They’re like mirrored
    or something.. Either way, I think you convinced me to get the Chrysalis. I
    already have the Monarch but GEEZE I can’t help myself. My husbands wallet
    is cursing you! Happy 200th video Camel Queen! xoxx?

  9. queenapril0009

    The matte navy blue looks black to me. It’s the problem I have with my Too
    faced navy blue. It turns black on me.?

  10. navywife137

    I have the LadyBird palette, love it!! And i love when you take it back
    “old school”, i sing along with you! ?????????

  11. Bonquisha BonQuiQui

    Eyebrows on point?

  12. bendietrees

    Fun fact…tiny death in French is another term for orgasm :-) “petite
    morte” I believe :-D?

  13. brooke smtih

    what what WHAT is on her nails?????

  14. Alison Brooks

    I swatched these in Sephora and my camel fell to the floor. Amazing is an

  15. EssieGirl85

    Congrats on your 200th video.. Omg thats like over 3000 hours of watching
    you and the craziness! :O?


    Great review and switching. I am obsessed with my a monarch palette. The
    shadows are just stunning!?

  17. CoolInOlympia

    Wow! I can’t believe you love these palettes more than any all others!!

  18. Delilah Winchester

    I think you have set the bar for how to review eyeshadow palettes. I loved
    the way you did it and took time to explain each colour, with a split
    screen one swipe swatch. It was beyond perfect. And finally – a camel
    colour!!! Please don’t *ever* change x?

  19. Heidi Johnson

    I love the Chrysalis best with your coloring. Nice choice, Mom!?

  20. julie ming

    U r fun to watch?

  21. Max itout

    Congrats on the 200 mark and love all the vids I have seen so far, such
    great makeup tips. So awesome. Thank u so much.?

  22. Sweater Kelly

    Want to see my new favorite color combo? Paint Butter’s Rosie Lee OVER
    OPI’s A-Piers to be Tan!!! Dooooo iiiittt. ?

  23. Angelie King

    Not gonna lie, I’m not as happy with that navy blue as I could be. It
    doesn’t look like it really comes off blue :/ ?

  24. bea gray

    I can’t wait for mine to be here Monday! I hit vib rouge ordering them :)
    yay! Lol?

  25. Heather Harris

    OMG! Your bloopers!!! OMG! If you guys are not watching the bloopers you
    are seriously depriving yourself! Watch them now! ?

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