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Hey everyone! Yes, it is true, I do not wear foundation because it makes my skin itch! A lot of you beauty’s have asked for a tutorial on my daily face routine, so here it is! Hope you enjoy….

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13 Responses to “Jkissa’s Face Routine – MAC, Kat Von D & Lush Cosmetics”

  1. JkissaMakeup

    Probably my 2nd most requested video: Face Routine! It is now uploaded!
    xoxo, Jkissa?

  2. savannahandstuff

    Damn, you don’t wear foundation? Your skin looks amazing! :) x?

  3. Rikki Poynter

    Knowing that you don’t wear foundation, I tried going without foundation
    today, testing out my new concealer (It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye) and
    seeing if it’d look good alone. Aaah, I’ve so much hyperpigmentation on my
    jaw on both sides and without foundation, it just looked weird. :/
    Especially when I put on blush. Foundation is such a pain though… my face
    and chest/rest of body are naturally lighter (and redder) than my neck. My
    neck is darker and much yellower than everything else. Yeah, people say
    match to the neck, but the mismatch is so obvious since I show a lot of
    skin due to wearing tank tops most of the time. :( I can’t figure out if I
    just want to go without foundation or just say “eff it” and be like, WELL

  4. Sabrina Liu

    Each day I live your videos more and more.Thank you so much.?

  5. BethanyBugable

    I never heard of powdering before concealer! I’m gonna try it!?

  6. Irene Franklin

    Have you ever used the “Feeling younger skin tint” by Lush? And please do a
    video on your skincare routine!?

  7. Thuraya M.

    Pkease do a whole video about your hair (color, products)?

  8. veggieyogavore

    I love that you wear such minimalistic makeup for a makeup artist. Wait let
    me reexplain that. This routine is lovely. It’s nice to see that you have
    lovely skin but you don’t STILL cover it with foundation (*whispering voice*
    a lot of people do anyway especially people on here lol). Let your freckles
    shine through. I love them ^.^?

  9. jennifer hermosillo

    @jkissa hey girl I don’t know if I’m the only one but that f86 brush
    doesn’t “fluff” after I wash and let it dry. It just stays like flat
    looking, do you have any tips for washing it? Lol ?

  10. itsalexrodriguez

    Thank you so much for this video! After I saw how beautiful you work this
    look since I found out you don’t wear foundation I’ve been doing it too buy
    haven’t perfected it just yet! This video was just what I needed! You such
    an inspiration!???

  11. Quinn Moody

    It would be awesome if you did a nighttime/daytime skincare routine to show
    us how you keep such flawless skin to where you don’t have to use
    foundation! Sending lots of love your way! xoxo?


    Great video!!! I wish I had your skin! I don’t’ wear foundation by choice
    but my skin does not look as good! Of course I am 43 so little more time
    for me!!! But love your videos!?

  13. Aryn Ahlers

    @Jkissa I really love that you embrace the fact of you freckles. They are
    so unique and beautiful. I find it interesting you don’t due foundation and
    Im sure that keeps your makeup time down to a minimum. Have you always not
    worn foundation or is this more recent? Do you also go with out for special
    events? I like it and commend you for it. Lovely?

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