Kat Von D for Sephora “SPELLBINDING” Lipstick Swatch Set :) Posted by admin on June 1st, 2014 | Comments (19) |

CLICK HERE to view ALL photos on my BLOG :) http://www.mllecafeaulait.blogspot.com/2013/12/haute-lips-kat-von-d-spellbinding.html CLICK HERE for “Sephora V.I…

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19 Responses to “Kat Von D for Sephora “SPELLBINDING” Lipstick Swatch Set :)”

  1. KashTV

    Oooh I love L.U.V!! They all look beautiful on you!! : )?

  2. Kyma Monai

    I love all of them!! Very pretty on you!! :-)?

  3. 1ballerina

    Wow fierce blouse!?

  4. Jessicabreazy101

    The a go go was so beautiful on you ?

  5. Madeline LopezTV

    I love then all!..But can’t believe you weren’t wearing earnings :) ?

  6. Valerie Granville

    they all look beautiful on you?

  7. Evey B

    They all look awesome!?

  8. Michelle Artis

    I’m soooo picking this set up this weekend!!?

  9. dollydagger408

    They remind me of Avon samples from back in the day but better! I walked
    pass these in Sephora and said nah, now that I’ve watched this video I
    think I’ll pick them up! ?

  10. Catrina Broadwater

    The Lipstick is beautiful…..what’s up with that shirt that you are
    wearing? Looks interesting…Please share…?

  11. Keyuiana Schexnayder

    I went looking for this set and all Sephora’s near me were sold out. I’m

  12. cameron jones

    50 random facts??

  13. Jazzie Curlz

    6/10 that’s a good ratio! Thanks for sharing love ?

  14. KittyCherokee

    Good job! I know your lips were probably messed up by the time you finished
    wearing all those lipsticks :)?

  15. bossladyb31

    I have this set and I love them!!! Great quality lipstick that last and the
    colors are gorgeous!!!?

  16. Nakia Hill

    What finish are these??.. Most of them look matte?

  17. Mlle CafeAuLait

    NEW YT VID! Kat Von D “Spelllbinding” Holiday Lipstick Set, all 10
    swatches, #SEPHORA Exclusive!
    #katvond #spellbinding #wocfriendly #womenofcolor Sephora #holidaygiftset
    Kat Von D “SPELLBINDING” Holiday Lipstick Swatches | WOC Friendly :)?

  18. canela0814

    Thank you! They look great on you. Are the matte??

  19. CurlyKimmyStar

    Gorgeous colors!!! You are WAY too cute!!! :)?

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