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Open Me ‘n Watch in HD!! :) More info can be found here…including the makeup I’m wearing :) I’ve received so many requests for more videos pertaining to my makeup collection ‘n I also asked…

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Makeup Collection 2014”

  1. Ms. Davina Desmon

    Thanks for the video I really loved it great job. Did you have any makeup
    Forever make to do A video on it or Tom Ford I want to see what all hype is

  2. xoxSm4rt3rBeautyxox

    Ahhhh!! So excited!! Finally! yay lol woohoo! ?

  3. Melinda Velez

    Did you get new art work done Gorgeous Tara ??

  4. BeautifullyInspired1

    Loved this and thank you for doing it! I would love to see what you have
    in Bare Minerals and any Giorgio Armani! I think I have watched your
    collection videos about 6 times through, each part! lol :)?

  5. makeup momma

    I love your eye shadow in this video. You are so talented.?

  6. Louise Raymond

    No foundation or concealer ?;o?

  7. Joyce Lee

    How about a best of *___* video? Like your favourite formulas or specific
    product of each category. Like top setting powders or top lipstick formulas?

  8. Meka Meeks


  9. LadyLuluOnBeauty

    You’re intro was adorable. Thanks for indulging us! Cheers, Lulu?

  10. So this is 30's

    Wow I had no idea that she had had the MU line for so long. Awesome
    vid…now I wish I woulda started collecting from the beginning. :/?

  11. makeupbybrandi

    The Peanut shade in the True Love palette is TO DIE FOR! I still haven’t
    found a dupe for it after all these years :'(?

  12. UglyBettyRandom

    How do you not own Jeffree in the liquid lipstick formula?! So pretty. and
    Armageddon is a crazy neon pink. For video suggestions – I really liked the
    way you filmed this one. I would love to see some top 10 type videos. Since
    you own such a variety of products. So like top 10 favourite blushes,
    lipsticks, etc. :)?

  13. vintageglam81

    Would love to see a tutorial on your look in this video!! Thanks for this
    awesome in depth look into your KVD collection! ?

  14. Tiffany Salisbury

    Show us your back up drawer!!!!?

  15. kelsielee07

    You have a stunning collection! Maybe do the same thing with your MAC
    collection? :) ?

  16. Amy Leigh

    I’m surprised you’ve used up or hit pan on so many palettes because your
    collection is huge & amazing!! Lol so jealous (:?

  17. Joann Dilley

    I would love to see your urban decay collection, well tbh I wanna see in
    depth of all your brands lol?

  18. Lani Pabst

    kat von d has wonderful things..love the colors you used on your eyes!?

  19. Fatima Ashraf

    I love your laugh! Very infectious! Xx?

  20. MaLisa628

    I ? you Tara!?

  21. Shawnee Sisneroz

    Love Kat Von D thank you for showing her collection, what about your most
    used foundations and what you like about them.?

  22. beautybypoonam

    Please do a high end blush collection. This video was awesome! Thank you
    for doing this. ?

  23. Regina C

    Awesome collection. I only have the Ludwig, Ladybird and spellbinding, I
    love them.?

  24. kfed2580

    Did you get new ink? loved this video it was great to see a entire
    collection… Id love to see more!?

  25. Susie Gingerich

    I am SO jealous !!!?

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