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Amy Nicoletti * L.A. Ink * Interior Illusions Style Lounge – click for more

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25 Responses to “Amy Nicoletti , L.A. Ink , Interior Illusions Style Lounge”

  1. Star042181

    she’s so pretty, kinda looks like angelina jolie,,, even prettier

  2. iloveyoussef

    shes not an ugly person…but the way she wears her makeup is MESSED UP!
    her lips are ridiculous……

  3. Teimaninja


  4. Shinozka

    @jakkkalope Yeah. LA Ink isn’t real. The artists are obviously, but the
    show is fake. Or a good 90%. Sad. Though I love Kat and the artists on
    their own.

  5. TheCameronSwafford

    @DragonFruitBabe shut up, cause now im gonna find you and cave your face in.

  6. TheCameronSwafford

    @TheCheekygoddess heyyyy, how bout i cave your face in for talking about my
    mom like that? i think that can be arranged.

  7. TaintedxHalo

    And is it just me or is she really tall? Nice n’ curvy too

  8. cgmorvx1

    nice tits

  9. MultiNicedude

    Amy is such a beautiful woman, if no one can see that then i suggest ya go
    and get your eyes tested, heres to ya girl, mwaaaaah x keep it real

  10. 13thconstant

    Aubrey played her so bad. I hope Amy calls her out on it after seeing the
    show. Good luck Amy.

  11. MultiNicedude

    looks like somebody’s got just a slight case of jealousy…Oh and i couldnt
    help but notice you dont have a picture up of yourself…hmmmm..Im sure
    youre the fuckin train wreck just like your whore of a mother….what the
    fuck are you doing on here even commenting??? for real stalker….a lil
    single white female maybe?? HMMMMMMM

  12. stephaniefierro1

    its Nicoletto :0) Can someone fix this..

  13. TheeUrbanGentleman

    Woo. Big booty.

  14. MasterJediV

    her last name is actually Nicoletto

  15. JimiM70

    Amy is drop dead gorgeous. I hear alot of people think vamp when see her. i
    see her and thin Amazon Warrior Goddess.

  16. MandragoraScream

    AMY!!! I adore her. Her makeup is always SICK and she’s an amazing
    tattooist. Sigh. :)

  17. Val0n

    sheso fukknh ott

  18. Damian6Robin

    Amys awesome!!! my husband went to the shop to get tattoos and shes soooo
    freakin awesome and nice…i will never go to another shop again!!

  19. missmissyphotography

    She’s so cute!

  20. XemofrogXx2

    omg XD amy is so gorgeous XD i luv her XD

  21. veronicca .a


  22. TaintedxHalo

    Holy, she is stunningly gorgeous.

  23. stephandeclaude

    Can 1 person truely be as unintelligent as yourself? I googled your name
    and you are just what i suspected…a big, fat , UGLY, and red-headed you
    mother fucker..GET OFF OF HER PAGE YOU BLOATED PIG!!! stop stalking her!!
    youve already made an ass out of yourself! stop with your pointless
    negativity and go do something positive…say like for instance a little
    diet and exercise!!! hey everybody!! google her name and youll see what i
    mean!!! shes standing in her bathroom trying to take sexy pics!

  24. Foxy214

    @syntheah93 I agree with you. I know Amy personally and she’s the sweetest
    doll ever. I was surprised your comment had -8 lol. Ridiculous.

  25. stephandeclaude

    and believe me…if ever i saw a fucking train wreck..its this big fat
    busted heffer!

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