GRWM: Kat Von D Monarch Palette!!! Posted by admin on April 28th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “GRWM: Kat Von D Monarch Palette!!!”

  1. Mrslolalynn

    so excited I ordered it!!! You look great and the palette looks amazing!?

  2. BeautyBuzzHub

    that lip combo is to die!?

  3. Tarababyz

    Such a stunner! Love the look love the palette! :D:D?

  4. NaturallyThriftyMom

    I love the packaging of that palette!?

  5. Brianna Stanko

    Ok, I am off to buy this palette now!! Damn you, I just bought a ton of
    palettes lol!! Love you!?

  6. Elle Is For Living

    Beautiful as always Natalie. I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.
    xoxo Elle?

  7. MsKristinn321

    I can’t wait for mine to get here! xoxo?

  8. 1strawberries1

    Gorgeous! So gorgeous I had to buy the palette as well. Thanks Natalie,
    now my wallet is not that happy with me. lol?

  9. kimjorg

    Yup I officially need that lip combo! I have been loving Bite’s Retsina but
    this one is for sure next on the list!! Have you tried the Marc Jacobs
    Reckless blush? It is AMAZING and you would love it!?

  10. MrsMozart

    what a gorgeous face of the day. I really enjoyed this — your enthusiasm
    is contagious! Note To Self: I’ve been Flowerbombed, yet again, on those
    beautiful, beautiful blush and lip combinations! xoxoxoxxx?

  11. ChristasWorld

    I am so obsessed with this palette. It’s soooo gorgeous.So glad my Saint
    palette has a friend now! lol Xx C?

  12. sunluvingal1

    Ohhhh my!!! That lip combo! I looked at cava the other day and put it back
    as I was hoping to get retsina but they were out! Going back to get!
    Beautiful look lovey! Xo?

  13. Kimavoni Willis

    I like the lip combo.. I have one of the Kat Von palatte and love it!! You
    and husband crack me up.. Great chemistry?

  14. Debra Rozich

    Love the tutorial ….. And love the music as I watched your application.
    You are so beautiful and handsome at the same time. In a good way….like
    some of very top models. Its a strength in the facial structure. Hope you
    and your hubby had fun. Cowgirl Deb?

  15. itzalljustBS

    Loved the blushes together! Looking gorgeous as always, Natalie :)?

  16. lvrnotafighter

    Beautiful palette! I flipping love your hair half way up like that!! And
    that bronzer is the bomb!!?

  17. UglyBettyRandom

    Where is your top from? so cute!?

  18. Nicola Preece

    Beautiful as always! Xx?

  19. beauty and lifestyle

    Stunning, stunning, stunning! Everything was…..stunning! I’m lost for
    words. X Isi?

  20. Rebecca Wood

    Haha love the Beyoncé remake! That lip color! OMG! NEED!?

  21. Jessica Dalton

    What is your foundation brush?! ?

  22. Ashlyn F

    You look beautiful! I bought the Monarch palette as well and am obsessing
    over it. Now I feel like I *need* Cava haha. I wonder if it will look good
    on me since I am a warm toned gal though….?

  23. SouthernGirl

    Pretty pretty! I love to pair that Hourglass blush shade with the blush in
    the Tarte CC Matte Palette.?

  24. lovinlife786

    Absolutely loved the look! This cooler eye combo looked amazing on you! You
    can pull of anything! xoxo?

  25. Cindy C

    Gorgeous! I’m with you, that Telepathy color is beautiful. And love the
    hubby photobomb lol?

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