Kat Von D Chrysalis Palette Review & Swatches! Posted by admin on April 27th, 2014 | Comments (19) |

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy my review on the Kat Von D Chrysalis palette! I’m loving this one too!! :) Please subscribe if you’re new! It’s free!! :-) ????????IMPOR…

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19 Responses to “Kat Von D Chrysalis Palette Review & Swatches!”

  1. Hannah Gwaltney

    Wow… I really just want them both. They’re completely gorgeous. I love
    the look you’re wearing in this video.?

  2. jaebee75

    You look beautiful. This palette is very nice too but seeing both of your
    reviews and swatches I’m gonna try the Monarch?

  3. Debbie Bell

    I like the colors but I’m a neutral kind of girl. I don’t feel comfortable
    in those colors And when I look in my makeup drawer it’s tans and muted
    colors galore. I like the colors on you though. My granddaughter looks good
    in those colors, she’s very fair too. ?

  4. Ajones1222

    I really want this palette! ?

  5. GalaxyPageantCEO

    Leslie…I ordered this one after watching your video!Lol I actually tried
    buying it the day after the VIB sale but my Sephora didn’t have it…and
    the Sephora in JC Penney were sold out. But I should have it by

  6. waymire01

    I was in Sephora today specifically to swatch all this new stuff.. and
    although I had the monarch in my hand I wound up leaving with the new TF
    natural eyes. I just have so many of the colors in the monarch already..
    the “stars” for me were the “warm champagne” shades.. but there is one very
    similar in the TF palette (Silk Teddy, not exact but same idea) and the
    other shades in that palette called to me more. I felt the quality was very
    similar as well. I don’t know what they changed for the natural eye redux
    but I swatched both the new summer eye and the new”er” boudoir eye and
    neither compared in feel and pigmentation.. it’s much more like pretty
    rebel in texture. Super creamy and smooth with amazing pigmentation. It’s
    almost frustrating to know what they are capable of and not get it in a
    certain palette. Not ruling out the KVD palettes (including the esperanza
    which is just SO spring) for future purchases.
    In other news I wore the Radiant Orchid blush palette as eyeshadow today
    and it was fab. Really pretty spring look.?

  7. MCrz2000

    You make me want this one as well. Lol. ?

  8. Lastel Holloway

    I just got the Chrysalis palette and can’t wait to try it out! I love the
    colors in it versus the other one as I am not really into neutral colors
    much. I love it on others, just not me!?

  9. Kourtney Kirk

    Great review you look beautiful:) ?

  10. Robin Baccile

    Hi Leslie, I should’ve gotten this palette instead of the Monarch. Thank
    you for the review. As always, Blessings Robin?

  11. faeriecrypt

    You’re on a roll with your videos–love it! :) This palette is just
    gorgeous. I agree that I tend to reach for neutrals more, though, since I
    work in an office. :/?

  12. 72shortgirl

    I already have the sinner palette which is all purples & I have the metal
    orchestra palette which is all blues. Do you think these are different
    purple & blue tones? Just wondering if I should buy it or not.?

  13. Shaunell MacGloan

    Well, I have the Monarch because of you and Mallory1712, and I thought I
    didn’t want or need this one but you just went and changed ALL of that! It
    really is gorgeous! That lavendery shade looks like it would be a good
    blending color? Idk, they seem to coordinate so well without a lot of guess
    work and fuss :) I suppose that what a palette is supposed to do, (duh Mac,
    get with the program) hee hee. The eye look you have on is a selling point
    as well 😉 great review :)?

  14. CydPiper

    Great review Leslie! I personally feel I would fair better with the Monarch
    palette but both palettes look so beautiful and fabulous either way. Kudo’s
    to Kat Von D on her amazing creations! <3, Cynthia?

  15. allyizzi

    I am so on the fence…back and forth with these palettes…should I get
    them? I loveee everything Kat Von D and want to own all her palettes but
    are these really that unique? Gah lol! They definitely are gorgeous and I
    did swatch them at Sephora already. Just dont know…Anyway, great review
    as always and thank you!!!?

  16. EDS Awareness

    I would really like this palette but my worry is that I won’t wear it very
    often. I am thinking about getting the Monarch palette. What do you think?
    The only palette I own is the Naked 3 and I am ordering the chocolate bar
    palette today which is so exciting! Do you think I should put this on my
    wishlist? More things get added to my wishlist after watching your videos
    haha! What are you wearing on your lips hun?

  17. Schuylar Landry

    I’ve been looking into this pallet. Thanks , for the great review! :-)
    Schuylar ?

  18. Debbie Kershner

    These new Kat Von D pallettes are breathtakingly beautiful. They are
    definitely on my shopping list.?

  19. patin319

    I saw both of these in Sephora and yes both are beautiful. Thank you for
    the video. I would like to see what cool look you are going to do with this
    palette. As always great review!!!!?????????????

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