KAT VON D MONARCH PALETTE Makeup Tutorial Posted by admin on April 26th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

PLEASE READ: The Monarch Palette has become my go to everyday palette! You can create so many looks with it, it is insane. Keep watching to see one of my favorite looks do do with this palette!…

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25 Responses to “KAT VON D MONARCH PALETTE Makeup Tutorial”

  1. pansy leung


  2. Mrslolalynn

    This is such a Gorgeous look! I loved the gold on the bottom lash line and
    the lip combo!! Those little lashes made such a difference!!!?

  3. Flowerbomb31

    I am so obsessed with your videos!!!!! Loved this :))))))?

  4. Melinda Velez

    Hello Gorgeous Mallory big kiss to Chewy this look is One of my favorites
    oxox Melinda??

  5. TheBeautyPuzzle

    Oh my gosh! That’s it….I need this palette. I wanted the Purple one at
    first and thought I could skip this because I have her smaller palette with
    similar colors….or so I thought…But this is really different. I love
    it. Beautiful look Mallory. xo Linda?

  6. Joey Emerson

    As always, I love the look! So so beautiful :) I was at Sephora today and
    looked at the palette, but refrained from buying it… Don’t think I’ll be
    able to hold out for very long lol?

  7. Sarah Levine

    Absolutely stunning Mallory! I love the look, and will definitely have to
    check out the Fortune Cookie gloss as well.?

  8. notyourtypicaldollface

    Such an awesome video (as always!) Loved your initial review of this
    product, and loved watching this tutorial as well. Really appreciate your
    crease colour blending tips, and loved the pop of gold underneath your
    eyes! Thanks so much for sharing Miss Mallory!?

  9. Penelope Sommers

    You know, I really thought I’d prefer the Chrysalis palette but you really
    make the Monarch palette look amazing.?

  10. Jen U

    So beautiful! ?

  11. agapelovegirl

    Stunning look! That looks like a beautiful palette! ?

  12. ashisfun21

    Marvelous as always Mallory! I bought the Monarch a couple of weeks ago and
    the black shadow was shattered :( Gotta head back to Sephora and exchange
    it asap!?

  13. Diana J

    Beautiful creation Mallory. I’m really trying to resist getting this
    palette!! Thanks, Diana :) xo?

  14. mallory1712

    Kat Von D Monarch Palette Makeup Tutorial! #katvond?

  15. PeachyKeek

    Such a beautiful look! Nice mix of cool and warm. And I am so wishing I
    bought the palette during the sale! ?

  16. EANDM71

    Gorgeous!! Where did you get those lashes?!?!?

  17. Jennifer Maricruz

    “Butterfly eyelashes for a butterfly palette” .. Love love it! You are
    friggin’ GORGE! xoxo?

  18. Whitney Hughes

    Your eyes are gorgeous!?

  19. Ivy Boyd

    GOSH your eyes are pretty!?

  20. El Esco

    I love those trio lashes and never hear anyone talk about them here on yt.
    Your look is gorgeous. You made me buy the Monarch palette! I blame you! :)?

  21. Shaunell MacGloan

    Oh BTW- my dog was eagerly staring at my iPad while watching this and when
    he heard Chewy (who actually sounds like Chewbacca, wrong spelling I’m
    sure) he was all over my iPad wanting to to know where that was coming
    from:)) ears all perked up ready to play :)?

  22. ikiraw21

    Mal, let’s call this look Angel Eyes :)?

  23. jill saiki

    Very pretty! I loved the video :))))?

  24. beachy keen

    So pretty!?

  25. Juliana Paz

    You’re so cute!?

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