The Monarch Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial by Kat Von D | Sephora Posted by admin on April 25th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Shop Kat Von D at Sephora: Step 1: Apply High Voltage Eyeshadow Primer to top and bottom lids. Step 2: Lightly pat Tiny Death under the brow line. Step 3: Sweep…

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25 Responses to “The Monarch Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial by Kat Von D | Sephora”

  1. madjennsy

    amazing ?????

  2. Dorothy Nebor


  3. victoria donelda

    I love when you do tutorials, Kat! congrats on your new palettes, they are
    amazing xx ?

  4. xoxSm4rt3rBeautyxox

    Amazing Kat.. I’m loving both palettes so much! They are perfection. And
    this look is stunning. I will def have to try it xx?

  5. Doom Babe

    Her palettes are SO nice. They really rival Urban Decay’s as my favorites
    so I’m super excited to pick this up from Sephora. Just Wrath is worth it.
    It’s gorgeous.?

  6. Kathleen Bearden

    I love this palette and I’ve been dying to see what looks you were going to
    come up with

  7. PaulaGification

    gorgeous Kat! I need these products , all of them!?

  8. killerteeth

    Good job, Sephora, advertising the mascara you took off your site a week or
    two ago.?

  9. Frl_O

    I love that kat gives 120% for everything she does and stays true to

  10. RagPrincess

    Beautiful as always!?

  11. MrsTurri2002

    Stunning !?

  12. Marisela Bennett

    No one can wear the red lip like Kat Von D love her!?

  13. Flowerqt18

    Love it and Kat so much!! Best makeup line at sephora IMO???????

  14. Colleen Iversen

    She makes applying liquid liner look so easy :p?

  15. Salma Ali

    u r so pretty ,loved ur makeup?

  16. QuelleQuelleMarie

    I have both palettes from the Butterfly Effect collection and they are
    beyond amazing. Amazing color wise, pigmentation wise and quality wise. I
    adore them!?

  17. Emilie Bee

    More Kat tutorials! I love her looks, they’re amazing. Love the colors in
    this palette too, but looks like there’s a decent amount of glitter fallout
    :/ Might buy it anyways for that beautiful orange shade. ?

  18. thecaitlynofficial

    Ugh looks so good!?

  19. Iris Sykez

    Kat is so perfect. ?

  20. B Flo

    Love it!!! ?????

  21. Romana W

    Love it!?

  22. Veronica Johnson

    I got this palette the other day and it’s AMAZING!!!! I love the different
    looks you can get. The shadows are really pigmented and are vibrant even
    on brown skin.?

  23. Sweety Malak

    I really like it but I think if u have a light colour lipstick it we’ll be
    cool ?

  24. Briana Smith

    So pretty ?????

  25. BrandiHXC

    this is gorgeous!!! i might have to try this look with the ladybird palette
    since wrath reminds me a lot of Cleopatra! ?

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