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Here’s your favorite LA Ink intro. Enjoy!

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25 Responses to “Nouvelle Vague – Dancing with myself”

  1. Twisty Dierker

    Nouvelle Vague – Dancing with myself?

  2. Steven Clark

    Okay, now this is just brilliant. I saw Billy Idol do this live, so can
    attest it’s a slightly different version. But he’d agree with me, and love

  3. JoAndSayMEOW

    Best LA ink intro ever <3


    j’aime beaucoup ……! dancing with myself c’est ce que je fais de mieux.

  5. Lvl80ETC

    LA INK intro =) absolutely amazing

  6. Maha El Gnaoui

    In an other song she says dance with me =) since no one answered, she said
    i m dancing with myself :d

  7. Dorothy Sky

    i love this song!!!!

  8. SevenTailedWolf72

    i have been trying to find this for a long time

  9. Eli PB

    oh my goddddddddddd!!! The song is absolutely amazing! I love it!

  10. allrisegold

    ooohhhh this played in a shop today, so reminded me of LA Ink :)

  11. MyLifeAsLouis

    *dances with self* forever alone

  12. LucyO5241997

    Thank you so much LA ink 😀 xD

  13. liss colourfulnecklace

    kat von d is one of the most gorgeous girls on this planet

  14. rafaescate

    it reminds me taking a plane to the town I was born in, from the city I
    study all year. The airplane company uses nouvelle vague as piped music
    when youre waiting to take off…this song is entirely happiness for me,
    means home and summer holiday

  15. Visarly

    idk y i love this song sooo much! lol

  16. TheHectorbasurto

    I LOVE IT!!! <3

  17. kayley hemmings

    Wicked song!

  18. atkaJ

    I’m dancing with myself nao *dududududu~*

  19. Keti Trajkovska

    Yes, I’m dancing with myself 😀

  20. joemamamatt

    I kinda hate that I like this. Billy Idol would kick my ass if he knew.

  21. ajlowrider97

    Playing with myself..

  22. JaySilverHeels

    This is amazing <3 Love love love Kat Von D, she's like my idol! :'D <3

  23. Clyde Robinson

    LOL! Should be in a TV ad.

  24. Rickiramirez1

    Love this version….

  25. Cplawson7

    This is better

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