KAT VON D MONARCH and CHRYSALIS PALETTES Swatches and Review Posted by admin on April 21st, 2014 | Comments (25) |

PLEASE READ: These palettes are so beautiful, and can create endless looks! I knew instantly that I had to have both because they can be used together so sea…

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25 Responses to “KAT VON D MONARCH and CHRYSALIS PALETTES Swatches and Review”

  1. Antesmrtaquesensilla

    Hi i invite you to my channel please?

  2. LipglossLeslie

    Loved this!! I’m OBSESSED with both of these palettes!! Soo glad you posted
    about them on IG, girl!!! And your eye look here – amaaaazing!! ?????

  3. Mrslolalynn

    I got the monarch but now you are making me want the other! We should do a
    look together with the monarch since it’s your favorite!?

  4. notyourtypicaldollface

    You are an absolute joy to watch! Love how excited and quirky you were in
    this video! And girl you are tempting me so hard…I am trying to resist,
    but think I’m going to cave pretty soon here.?

  5. pansy leung

    omg…i want buy this>< so beautiful!!!?

  6. herlatenightcravings

    Oh lord, now I want both!! Great review girl!!! xoxo ~ Jayme?

  7. Diana J

    Hi Mallory!! I did not see those. They are sooo pretty. I will have to
    hunt them down. Especially the warm palette. Thanks, Diana :) xo?

  8. ashisfun21

    I LOVE my monarch palette! One of the best I’ve bought so far this year!?

  9. beautyaddict

    Fantastic review! I didn’t want these until I saw your review.Your pup
    looks like the Monarch palette! Your makeup is gorgeous as always. :)?

  10. Julie Gardner

    I have to tell you that I was so excited to see you review these palettes.
    I’ve seen others reviews, but I always love to get your thoughts since we
    seem to have a lot of the same tastes!?

  11. mallory1712

    Kat Von D Monarch & Chrysalis Palette’s Swatches and Review! #katvond?

  12. Jennifer Maricruz

    You’re such a doll! I absolutely love this look on you! Awesome review!

  13. janiebeth65

    I am very excited about these palettes and I will buy BOTH! You pronounced
    everything fine, just fine! I wish I saw these before the Sephora sale
    ended so I will try to wait till the next one. Thanks for this video!?

  14. MCrz2000

    Excellent review, I love that you take the time to describe each individual
    color making me want to purchase the chrysalis or however you spell it
    palette. I have the Monarch and love it, but after your excellent review, I
    may just have to try the other. Love your channel BTW. ?

  15. Lolaopa

    Girl! I would love a tutorial on the purple palette using the color
    Intuned! Wow- that palette is gorgeous!?

  16. CosmicDancerGirl

    I think you read the colors backwards…lol?

  17. Laurie Jolicoeur

    Your eyes are stunning Mallory! And I love both….I’m pretty sure I want
    every palette she owns, blah! XOXO?


    the dog is too funny?

  19. Nailde Chaves

    Awesome review Mallory!!! I got the monarch palette after I saw your
    Instagram picture and your reply to my comment on lipgloss Leslie IG. I
    really like this palette!!! ?

  20. Jessica Ringle

    I die for the Monarch palette. I got it during VIB too!?

  21. mylie moore

    You’re saying it right! Great review, thank you!?

  22. elle rye

    Beautiful eye makeup look! I got today the new dior eye quin pallette. Was
    wondering if you saw, got it and your thoughts. Xo?

  23. Andrea K

    Since is a palette with the theme of Butterflies (or Papillon in french),
    is fitting to use the word ‘entomology’ which mean the study of insects.
    Gorgeous palette. The Monarch one. I think I need it now. Thanks for the

  24. Jess H

    So gorgeous! http://beautyreviewsbyruby.wordpress.com/?

  25. ikiraw21

    The eyeshadows look amazing on you. It seems like you walked out of fashion
    magazine cover to film this video. :)?

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