Kat Von D Monarch Palette Review & Swatches! Posted by admin on April 20th, 2014 | Comments (22) |

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy my review on the Monarch Palette! I am OBSESSED with this thing!! :) Please subscribe if you’re new! It’s free!! :-) ????????IMPORTANT…

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22 Responses to “Kat Von D Monarch Palette Review & Swatches!”

  1. lutheranchick13

    I really like the middle “quad”. I wish I could just get that instead of
    the whole palette, although the whole thing is pretty great, too. I just
    like the middle shades the most:) I agree on the weird names. Reminds me
    of some of urban decay’s shadows, like mildew. Ick!?

  2. TheBTDEB

    I really want this palette after watching your review.?

  3. Lani Pabst

    i have this palette on my mother’s day wish list..lol?

  4. Hannah Gwaltney

    Ooh, now you’ve made me want this. I was already seriously considering
    getting the Chrysalis palette. Any idea whether these are permanent or LE??

  5. no1likeme990408

    The swatches look amazing!!! And that orange shade…oh my goodness!! I
    will be asking for this for my Birthday in a couple of weeks +;)?

  6. Rachel Hill

    Ughhhhhh I want this pallet!!!!! Lol?

  7. Deidre Farmer

    Thanks for the review. Just bought both palettes and can’t wait for your
    tutorials :)?

  8. Carey Holt

    After watching you and Mallory I think I need this palette. 😉 looks like a
    winner! ?

  9. MineNoTouchy

    Gorgeous shades! Especially the metallic ones!?

  10. LipglossLeslie

    Kat Von D Monarch Palette Review & Swatches!!?

  11. Olivia Tjioe

    Always enjoy your reviews & swatches. Full of details, excitement & happy
    smile. Thank you so much for sharing. You’ve made my day, again.
    I think the Monarch palette share some color similarity with Ladybird,
    while the Chrysalis looks quite like Poetica. Glad to have these great
    colors showing up again. They’re my favorite.
    Love Kat Von D’s makeup line (especially her Lock It Tattoo foundation).
    Love reading her tattoo books. She’s very talented. ?

  12. Erica Jordan

    They say in an email that sephora sent us ….it states that it’s limited
    addition . Hopefully it won’t stay that way. ?

  13. Kelsey Smith

    OMG IM IN LOVE the burnt orange shade at the end is GORGEOUS awesome review
    leslie! You’re the best :)?

  14. Danielle Andrews

    I’ve had my eye on these palettes! I think I will definitely be picking
    these up soon!?

  15. Janetta Dagomos

    Wow I want this palette! Very pretty colors!?

  16. Hannah Nossa

    Looks beautiful!?

  17. Manali Almejhed

    Thank you for the amazing review
    . we dont have Kate von de in kuwait so i may order it online ???? you look
    amazing like always?????

  18. JadesiBx36

    Ugh I NEED this palette :-)) I just recently got her Esperanza palette & I
    love it! I’m really loving kat Von d’s eye shadow palettes ;-)) I also have
    the ladybird all matte palette & I’m def getting her saint palette & this
    one :-)) your swatches were beautiful & your reviews are always so on point
    ;-)) xoxoxo?

  19. Kim Bryan

    Thxs for sharing I was on the fence with getting it had it in my hands but
    put it down n passed now I must say I wish I had got it.. I guess I need to
    go back to sephora lol are they open on Easter? Xoxo?

  20. Melisa Ramirex

    I’ve been thinking so much about buying this palette but I already have so
    many that I don’t know if its going to be worth the money :/?

  21. Sherri Ward

    Thanks for a great review. The look you came up with is beautiful. I’m
    looking forward to the tutorial. I’m really intrigued by the palette for
    sure. It has a lot of shades that I don’t have in any other palettes in my
    collection. Happy Easter to you and yours, Leslie! ?

  22. Kim Faust

    Your eye make-up is beautiful! Thanks for the video!!!?

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