LA Ink: Joni’s Big Baby Posted by admin on April 19th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Get more LA Ink at Joni gets a remembrance of a hard time in her life and her special little boy.

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25 Responses to “LA Ink: Joni’s Big Baby”

  1. troufmonster




  3. Bruce Lee

    dude was STONEEDDDDD LOL

  4. Ubarin

    Worst Corey tattoo ever =(

  5. TheKieshaKiesha

    wow thats shitty art work

  6. danikeved

    Corey you are the best, really admire every tattoo you made, i got 2 tattoo
    on each arm and the one on my right arm want to be finish by you, need
    ideas. thanks

  7. AquiloISR

    @Arazig that’s what I thought…would be so much cooler.

  8. William Furster

    love how he says: thats easy! like wtf…. most people cant draw let alone
    TATTOO that!!

  9. Paul Wright

    sounds like something she said to her husband during intercourse the first

  10. Anna X

    i NEVER thought id see..HER..that blonde bitch…again… (aubry) that name
    gives me the chills

  11. TR1CKYxN1CKY

    i had the same reaction when i got my first tattoo. “is that it? all that
    stress for THAT!?” lol

  12. BGilly80

    thats my ring … that dude stole it

  13. Elite

    Its not THAAAT bad. You guys over exaggerate too much.

  14. Cassandra Carnevale

    did she say she was 21 O_o

  15. Arazig

    If I was her, I’d get a tattoo of the ring on my finger but it’s still a
    cool idea

  16. BOOKWORM56100

    @CMSpida ok i doubt that a coincidence like THAT would happen

  17. Steph1316

    That is so sweet. I can totally relate to her struggles as a single mom and
    I’m doing the same thing with my tattoo for my daughter.

  18. unicornluver882


  19. Bremner92

    blatently fancies his mum

  20. 12ilovesky

    She’s sort of hot.

  21. Kato T

    Yeah the angles are off

  22. CMSpida

    @BOOKWORM56100 but what if the person who lost it was given it by her 4
    year old son.

  23. 21babycheeks

    I think it was cool tatt made it look gd

  24. FireChildSlytherin5

    I agree with Cori, I known lots of big boys still call their mother’s mama,
    mommy etc. even in their 40s! I even call my mother, Sweet Mama (it makes
    her all happy & fuzzy when I call her that).

  25. BOOKWORM56100

    @CMSpida Well if the person that originally owned the ring had a heart,
    they would let her keep it anyway. The son was only four.

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