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Open Me ‘n Watch in HD!! More info can be found here…including the makeup I’m wearing :) Of course I had to go a little crazy during the Sephora VIB sale…..

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25 Responses to “Haul : Sephora VIB : Hourglass, Marc Jacobs, Bite Beauty, Kat Von D, Benefit,”

  1. ItsKeerstin

    I have 2 of the Bite Lush Lip Tints and I looooooooooove them!!! Lychee and
    Watermelon! :)?

  2. Kristin Gehm

    Well you have saved me some money! lol I will skip that UD liner as I was
    thinking about it along with the ipad looking palette! lol Great haulage
    sister! xo Kristin?

  3. ll42863

    Hey there it seems you wear the makeup forever aqua lips lip liner in 18c a
    lot would you say it’s a favorite of yours and goes with a lot? I just love
    your lipstick choices so I’m trying to “copy” it…is 18c a must have??

  4. BeautyBuzzHub

    obviously i’m shopping on Sephora as I watch this… was wondering about
    the bite lipstick tubes and they are diff shapes for color categories it
    looks like. berries – point, pinks – curved, neutrals – natural slant, reds
    – sharp angled tip. thought that was cool! thanks for sharing about mr
    rebates too… hadn’t heard of that site before! xo?

  5. Flowerbomb31

    Lawwwwd!!! I need Dallas I keep forgetting to buy it!!!! And I’m so glad
    you bought the two current loves of my life…yowza I need that sephora
    bronzer!! ?????????

  6. Krystal Lynn

    I need to pick up more of those bite beauty lipsticks!?

  7. WellTaylered

    I live for the UD liners, but I always have a reaction to the ones with
    glitter in them. I don’t know why certain pencils do that! Karen looks like
    a color I need immediately. Great haul :))?

  8. ramonypony

    Hi, just found your channel. Your accent has me mesmerized! xD Where are
    you from? Northern U.S. or Canada??

  9. Mrslolalynn

    +Flowerbomb31 told you about the Elizabeth & James Fragrance… now you
    have to follow my rule of hearing it more than once in a week…:)?

  10. lisettesbeaute

    Yeah girl! I think its time for me to try a Bite lipstick?

  11. thekristenkchannel

    the buxom glosses are so amazing. Karen looks really nice :) great haul &
    such lovely swatches of the marc jacobs liners!?

  12. TheCollettej27


  13. xXxXxCGPBxXxXx

    Great video as always Tara!!! ?????

  14. roxy72

    Also, about the Bite lipsticks– I’m pretty sure that the slope on the lid
    relates to the color family of the lipsticks..ie. nude/pink/etc.?

  15. MizKatieHill

    What is your referral email so that you can get credit for referring us to
    Mr. Rebates??

  16. k wigley

    Great haul.FYI , I was at the eye Dr the other day and you know how they
    ask if anything has changed. I said no as I was wiping my really watery
    eyes and the Dr asked if they did that all the time? No , only a couple
    hours after I get up. So he tells me I have dry eyes.They water like crazy
    to lubricate and as the tears spill out they keep on watering. So I
    started using 1 drop of artificial tears before bed. No more watery eyes.
    They were dry and would water like crazy every am. I never would have
    believed I had dry eyes, My liner stays on. shadows don’t migrate. And they
    feel so much better… I had that problem for years. Worth a try. I am
    using Systane ultra.?

  17. Ashley Nicole

    Please tell me if you agree but i hear all this hype about rimmel
    scandaleyes and i find that this not only doesnt last in my waterline, it
    smudges all under my lashes and it looks disgusting. ?

  18. UneBelleMoi

    I appreciate the mini reviews with your hauls. I hate shopping and
    haul/mini-review videos make it so easy for me to get in and out of the
    store quickly. seriously, shopping is agonizing for me. Thanks a ton.?

  19. Lourdes Santiago

    Do you have a referral link for Mr. Rebates? I didn’t know we could use
    both so I’ve only used Ebates.?

  20. AlliesVanity

    Must. Get. Cava! I keep seeing that shade and have to get myself to the
    store :)?

  21. Lisa Ray

    Have you tried the Lime Crime lipsticks? If so, what are your thoughts and
    can you do a review? Thanks!?

  22. Lisa C.

    Tara, I have tried every black pencil out there and I SWEAR by Bare
    Minerals Round The Clock liner in Midnight. Goes on waterline like butter
    and does not move all day! Unfortunately, they discontinued it, but you can
    still find a few on their website and other searches for it. Trust me, this
    is The One!! They have a new formulation they make now but IMO, nothing
    compares to the original.?

  23. txmommyofboys

    I am a new(er) subscriber & I LOVE your hauls!! ?

  24. Jessica Stubbs

    Thank for the tip about the UD liner. I was thinking about getting that but
    know I thankful I didn’t. I have really sensitive eyes and that would have
    messed me up! Thank for saving my eyeballs:) by the way do correct yourself
    when u say Favorite. I think the way u say it is nice it’s your own style.?

  25. Rocksugar10

    I was good and only got the laura mercier hydrating primer from the sale. I
    was going to get the original but Paulas choice said the original primer
    had some bad ingredients. Love ebates. xoxo?

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