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Like My New Hair??? ; ) Oh & yes… I’m totally guilty of becoming a palette-aholic “slaps self” ; p This was my first Kat Von D purchase… & here are my th…

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25 Responses to “NEW KAT VON D PALETTE | Hot or Not”

  1. SullenxRiot182

    Her Tattoo Liner in Trooper is the best liner pen you will ever try. Her
    foundation is amazing as well. The liquid lipsticks are the longest
    wearing, transfer-proof lipsticks I’ve ever used. I could keep going on but
    I LOVE her makeup line lol?

  2. WorldOfKaroo

    You truly are the best, quite an inspiration for me to make better videos,
    just by observing you. You are very concise, not just well spoken but soft
    spoken, and you have wonderful style. I love watching your videos. =) ?

  3. Gale Ann

    I want the Monarch palette… yeah….they are hot!?

  4. Makeup440plus

    I adore her whole line I haven’t been disappointed in anything I have
    purchased from her line! When I have a special occasion and need a makeup
    look that will last all day and stays fresh and photographs well guaranteed
    that everything on my face is from her line from primer to lipstick love
    love love ?

  5. Brittany Powell

    These shadows all look gorgeous!!!?

  6. Jillian Edwards

    The larger shades can also be used to transform the look of the smaller
    ones underneath! (Like a metamorphosis) :)?

  7. omrhill1

    your makeup in this video is really pretty, but i’m not seeing any of the
    mint green from the palette? i’d love to see a look with those purple
    shades. they’d be beautiful with your coloring.?

  8. Supriya Patel

    So pretty! I want this…!!!! :)?

  9. Joanie Love

    Your makeup in this video is beautiful. Please please please tutorial. ?

  10. Chelsey Nicole

    Can you do a video on blending and get the perfect transition? I struggle
    with transitions but your eyeshadow always looks so good! I’m also really
    into the colorful eyes right now and I think a blue eyeshadow tutorial with
    thoughs colors would look beautiful! (: thanks tati!?

  11. Victoria Brekelmans

    Do a blue look!!! :)?

  12. Brooke Tacos

    your hair right now is perfect. Please. A tutorial. ?

  13. Angelica Sanchez

    Hi tati. Can you please watch my beuty channel. And love the way your
    liquid eye liner look, the cat eye look so chic.?

  14. Joeli Jolie

    Tati, what do you set your concealer with? Your concealer recommendation
    convinced me to buy the Maybellin Fit Me concealer in 01 Light. Love it!!
    jus need something just as fabulous to set it with.

    Thanks in advance???? ?

  15. Sabrina Botelho

    You look so tan and beautiful. What tanner do you use? Can you make a self
    tanner video. Loving this look?

  16. katie netherton

    Makeup tutorial on what your wearing! Its gorgeous! ?

  17. Meghan Elizabeth

    id love to see how you use the blue in a wearable look (that isnt just
    using it as a liner). that color is throwing me off when i think about
    buying the palette. i think ill buy it anyway though :)?

  18. Kristen143xoxo

    I would love to see a fun look for a nice summer night. Like just hanging
    out with friends.?

  19. Amy Garard

    Please do a tutorial on this look. It looks gorgeous on you!?

  20. Ariana Kahn

    This has been chill’n in my sephora cart for days now. I just can’t pull
    the trigger.?

  21. courtney hanna

    Your hair looks amazing in this video ?

  22. Katelyn PaigeBeauty

    what lens do you use? <3 ?

  23. isabel miguelez

    hi tati can you please either comment back on this comment with a
    suggestion or do a tutorial for makeup for a neon pink dress? i also am
    wondering whether i should wear my hair up or down, since its strapless,
    this is for my sweet 16 and i would really appreciate some expert advice
    from someone as magnificent as you! i love your videos! and if you want to
    see what the dress looks like (if you would be so kind to help me out) here
    it is :),default,pd.html?dwvar_MUV66A46-864_color=864&cgid=dresses-by-category-gowns-eveningbtw i love your videos!!!!!!!!?

  24. Crystal Perry

    I have a lot of her stuff, and I adore it! ?

  25. makeuplvr

    The palette is gorgeous, and I love the colors on you….I’ll have to make
    a trip to Sephora now! Love your hair Tati! ?

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