SEPHORA HAUL! Kat Von D, Hourglass, MAKEUP!! Posted by admin on April 17th, 2014 | Comments (25) |


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25 Responses to “SEPHORA HAUL! Kat Von D, Hourglass, MAKEUP!!”

  1. Rhianna

    You look stunning :)?

  2. Gymcrackery (Karen)

    Cant wait to hear about the KVD warm palette?

  3. Antonieta Vargas

    Omg makeup tutorial!! Although it looks similar the the other tutorial you
    made with the electric palette. Idc make another one!!! Haha?

  4. Snow Blossom

    You can’t marry Paul Leesha you have to marry me instead ?

  5. Annie Nguyen

    Do u still do your roots while preggers

  6. Susie Gingerich

    I’d love to see looks using both the Kat Von D looks!?

  7. JuliettaElias (Beauty & Fashion)

    Your eyeshadow is on point!
    gorgeous leesha?

  8. terah escobedo

    I got this pallet 2 weeks ago and loving it! :) *I got connections lol?

  9. makeupmermaid22

    I love your makeup today!?

  10. Hajer A.

    Please a tutorial for the blues and purples in the cool palette .. I want
    to buy something from her beautiful line ?

  11. Ellie Veiss

    Tutorial on this look!?

  12. Kim Teague

    rub it in rub it in lol I missed out on the monarch palette :( hopefully my
    local store will have it….sadly my local Sephora are buttmunchers so I’m
    not thrilled about spending my money in that branch, the next store is and
    hour and a half away though and I really want that palette! :/ oh the life
    of a make up addict *sigh*?

  13. friday13thirteen

    do you think the kvd chrysalis palette is worth it for somebody who already
    owns a lot of eyeshadows? i have a bunch of palettes already but those cool
    colors are calling my name and i’m trying to justify buying it hahaha?

  14. Lyzette Adonis

    Youre so pretty and this makeup is amazing!! :)?

  15. No Post on Sundays

    The cool toned kat von d pallet reminds me a lot of her Beethoven pallet
    from back in the day.?

  16. JaXter1022

    You’re going to LOVE the kat von d palettes!!! I purchased both and love
    them. The pigmentation is incredible not a ton of fall out like other KVD
    palettes just ahhhh! Do a look using them please ?????

  17. 05Sileyram30

    Love your makeup! ;)?

  18. Lauren Mallare

    your makeup tho <3333?

  19. Michelle-Lynn

    I adore my Hourglass blush in Ethereal Glow and Diffused Heat! I hope you
    love them!?

  20. Vanessa Grijalva

    Omg I love ur look in this video so gorgeous and unique. ?

  21. LaBellaVita02

    I’d love a tutorial on your eye makeup! It’s gorgeous!?

  22. Maggz Skittlez

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR MAKEUP!!!!!!!! <33333333333 OMGGG!!!!!?

  23. Shannon Dean

    Love hourglass….. i use it on brides all the time!?

  24. ailakatt1

    I want those palettes! And it’s pronounced “chris-uh-lis” :)?

  25. Mel Silva

    Love your eyeshadow look!
    Please say you’re doing a look with both kat von d palette!! ^_^?

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