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Shop Kat Von D at Sephora: http://seph.me/1lWqijr Shop the products featured in this video: Immortal Lash 24 Hour Mascara – http://seph.me/1hrBVMx Lock-It Ta…

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D’s 24 Hour Makeup Challenge | Sephora”

  1. killerteeth

    I looovveeee the KvD makeup line, but am so daggone disappointed with
    Immortal Lash. Sephora, why do you always get rid of her mascaras to
    replace them with an inferior one? (high frequency was my HG mascara, then
    sin-full was pretty good, and now this stuff. Boo!)?

  2. megan smith

    Can’t believe this was filmed in London! Also Vanishing is so meaningful
    and beautiful and just shows all the hard work going into this album! xx?

  3. SullenxRiot182

    Already love the new palettes and mascara :) Shameless plug, but there’s
    reviews of all 3 products on my channel for anyone interested lol!?

  4. sonu kumar

    Only girls gonna like this shitty video.. Makeup….challenge….24hours…
    She is fucking retarded. Oh, i got it… Must be fucked by two homosexual
    orangutans… Poor bitch?

  5. Gracie Wood

    Her voice is so beautiful and her makeup is the best! ?

  6. Marcy Tiscareno

    I own both pallets awesome pigmentation. she’s an overall amazing person
    artist, and now a singer incredible????? ?

  7. babydolllgonewrong

    What’s the name of the liquid lipstick that Kat is wearing in the video? I
    really want it.?

  8. TrishaliciousTips

    Just gorgeous. Kat, her makeup/makeup line, and her music. Very
    hauntingly beautiful video, plus informative!! Love these types of videos

  9. Gabby.

    This is great but what if you live somewhere where is tropical and humid.
    Will it still last 24 hrs? Don’t get me wrong I love all of her line but my
    experience with makeup in Latin America I have yet to found a makeup that
    would last all day under Panama’s humid 80/92 F weather. With that kind of
    weather its hard not to sweat specially if you’re going many places. ?

  10. thewixter

    “Featuring the debut song ‘Vanish’ performed by Kat Von D.”?

  11. Glammin69

    Perfection! That red dress is amazing! Anyone know what brand it is ??

  12. JessFher69

    But she didn’t actually show us her face at the end of her night. Would’ve
    been nice to see up close how well her makeup looked. ?

  13. Esmeralda Perez

    When can we buy your album ?

  14. GabrielaLeeRay

    Everything she comes out with is a dream to me. I absolutely adore it. I
    almost have all her makeup, I’m so selfish I don’t let anyone touch it
    that’s how sacred it is to me. ?

  15. Cyril Fernandez

    I want Kat Von D to test her makeup in the Philippines. I think my country
    is a good ground for makeup road test it’s hot but not the hottest place in
    this world and humid is gonna test her products as well. I’m not hating her
    products but the video showed most of her activities are indoor and the
    weather is pretty gloomy.?

  16. Kim Richards

    I cannot wait to get my hands on the new mascara and palettes! I’ve been
    obsessing over the Esperanza palette lately, the colors and textures are
    stunning! Sad to give Ladybird a break but it’s well worth it! Xoxox ?

  17. Flowerqt18

    I love Kat and her makeup line is the best in sephora in my opinion????; the
    eyeshadows are so pigmented and blend-able. I’ve been a huge fan ever since
    it was released. ????????????I wish I could meet her !!!!?

  18. MrsTurri2002

    Watched this vid twice. To look at her and hear her music. Just WOW!?

  19. Rosalyn S

    Can i just keep her in my makeup drawer as a tiny little makeup elf so she
    can do my makeup everyday?? She’s flawless in how she does her makeup!?

  20. MsMoosecifer

    Whens the album coming out!? I MUST HAVE IT.?

  21. uknowsalome1


  22. Samantha Garcia

    Kat is so beautiful. I love all her makeup products<3?

  23. Gage Glamorous

    Ohhhhhh how I love you! I work @ Sephora in Spokane, Washington and
    guaranteed were gonna be one of the top selling KvD locations here soon-
    been killllllllling it in sales… Gotta spread the love of my favorite
    brand! Come visit… We’d fuckin’ love that! ???? ?

  24. Noemi Ponce

    I just got your foundation today I hope it does last all day ?????

  25. candyrockz24

    I love Kats makeup line I seriously want to own everything in it ?

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