Kat Von D Monarch & Chrysalis Palettes: Live Swatches & Review Posted by admin on April 13th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Swatches of Kat Von D’s new Monarch & Chrysalis palettes! Available at http://bit.ly/1nez0ar Blog sale! http://bit.ly/1dGiNtF Monarch Review: http://wp.me/p1…

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Monarch & Chrysalis Palettes: Live Swatches & Review”

  1. shamzmakeupartistry

    Thank you for doing this review now I’m clear which one il be getting :) xx?

  2. Snoz Berries

    Fuck me…. I skipped this sale because there wasn’t anything I really
    wanted. How did I miss these!? ?

  3. TheGrabasspants

    as usual kat von d makes the best names and packaging?

  4. Burberrygirl

    Love the Monarch Palette!?

  5. lutheranchick13

    I wish these shadows were sold in trios or quads…all I really loved were
    the middle shades in the monarch palette. Oh well. :)?

  6. Lore Salo

    Got both yesterday with the VIB 15% less and omg!!! They are amazing… I
    really like both!?

  7. princessnjj

    Chrysalis was my first on the list, but ive seen the Monarch and i kinda
    love that one more?

  8. nikilovesbeauty

    I have to pick up the Monarch Palette! I love it! thanks for this!?

  9. pagette30

    I agree with you about the color names but I love that monarch palette ?

  10. mustlovedogs4ever1

    I just bought this two days ago (Monarch one) I saw it in Sephora and when
    I swatched the first three smaller colors I was like “sold!” I so love the
    “palette high” when it hits me lol.?

  11. iTendToWingIt

    It’s Kat Von D she is gothic and morbid lol. Looks like I am getting the
    Chrysillis (sp?) Palette for my bday present for myself. I love your
    reviews. Sooo many times you have encouraged or discouraged me to spend my
    hard earned money on something. Thanks again for your in depth reviews. ?

  12. Aries B

    I love the Chrstallis palette. ?

  13. MCrz2000

    Excellent review. I have the Monarch palette and I don’t regret getting it
    at all, even though that burnt orange color is pretty similar to the one in
    the ladybird pallette which is matte. I love it. ?

  14. Schmink Schnubbel

    Thanks for showing these two beautiful palettes!! I really would love to
    get my hands on these but we don’t have Kat’s Products in Germany and
    Sephora does not ship to us either :-( I hope I can some day get my hands
    on one of the Palettes, they are stunning!!! And the shades look gorgious

  15. RagPrincess

    I’m not sure if you’ve reviewed her Ladybird palette, but it’s a bit
    similar to Monarch in terms of colors, Ladybird being all matte. If it
    wasn’t for that, I’d absolutely purchase it! I love Kat Von D’s makeup, and
    I’m definitely within that demographic that’s into the creepy names 😀
    Thanks for the video, it was very helpful!?

  16. ikiraw21

    Are theses limited editions. Thanks.?

  17. JinxedKaetzchen

    Got Monarch today and I think I’ll really like it :) Love the review as

  18. Christina Marie

    Haha the names of the shadows are 100% Kat Von D’s personality. so, i’m not
    surprised. and it’s actually why i love her & her products… :) ?

  19. Ellen Oliver

    Great review …ordered monarch a couple of days ago and I am so excited to
    receive it ! ?

  20. madaboutcrochet

    I normally like purple and blue eyeshadows but in this case I loved the
    monarch palette more. The colors are just so pretty. And I actually liked
    the morbid names, lol. ?

  21. DarknessWithin

    this review makes me so happy I got Monarch – I ordered it online just now
    before the VIB coupon was over. I’ve been loving KVD’s makeup and seeing
    the quality get better in her products makes me look forward to what is

  22. charles chu

    This video seemed more rushed than your usual ones. Great overview though
    (as always!). thanks!! ?

  23. Mary Lou

    I am looking for a awesome purple palette and do not know witch one to get
    ? I just purchased the It cosmetics naturally pretty and the too faced
    chocolate bar palette, however still on the hunt for a perfect purple
    palette with matte or satin finishes. I may just get makeup geeks purples ?
    Love your reviews, so informative as I’m a research geek before I buy
    anything. Thanks :) ?

  24. Mubeena Madrigal

    Awsome review as always thank you for taking the time to do this for

  25. Erin W

    The Monarch palette! Thank you so much for your review and swatch videos!
    They are very helpful, and they’re my favorite videos from you! :-)?

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