Kat Von D Monarch & Chrysalis Eyeshadow Palettes : 1st Impression : Demo / Look Posted by admin on April 11th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Open Me ‘n Watch in HD!! More info can be found here…including the makeup I’m wearing :) Its been about 6 hrs since the UPS man left and I’m still just as …

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Monarch & Chrysalis Eyeshadow Palettes : 1st Impression : Demo / Look”

  1. MakeUpMLC

    Oh those shadows look beautiful!! I may have to get that Purple/Blue one..
    I don’t have nearly as many shadows in those colors!?

  2. SullenxRiot182

    I was so mad I went to Sephora the night before the palettes popped up on
    the site. They didn’t have them there, and I ended up buying some other
    stuff. Then I saw them online the next day and was like arghh why couldn’t
    they have them last night?! lol I just got them in the mail yesterday
    though and love them, but like with the Esperanza palette, the size of them
    is giving me anxiety about how to store them with her other palettes! LOL?

  3. xoxSm4rt3rBeautyxox

    Could you please do a Full Face Tutorial using all KatVon D Makeup? I think
    that would be amazing! I”m curious about her bronzers and blushes :) ?

  4. MakeupWithMillie24

    Your looks and laugh reminds me of Jenna marbles ?? xxx?

  5. StealingBeauty

    You are on fire, so quick!?

  6. BeautifullyInspired1

    The look you created is fabulous! I think it would look excellent in
    August and into fall, when the Monarchs migrate south from here. You have
    butterfly eyes! :)?

  7. GirlieReview

    Such a helpful video as always, Tara. Thanks so much!?

  8. Lisa C.

    ” I really like what I’m experiencing now” lmao!!! I feel you!?

  9. ImACrafty Nurse


  10. Jessie Reinke

    So much of that beautiful golden shade got covered by eyeliner, a bit

  11. Sandra P.

    I am waiting for my UPS guy bringing my Monarch palette! Orgasmic! oh oh?

  12. Natural010511

    Nice review….thanks for sharing!!! I gotta get the Monarch palette since
    I gravitate towards neutral colors :)?

  13. GlamGirl7

    These colors are very flattering on you. Great review!!?

  14. Jess Goss

    I want them. :D?

  15. Stephanie Lewis

    I just found your chanel through Meka Meeks and WOW! Your collection is
    amazing girl and MASSIVE! I love your hauls :) Xoxo New Subbie.?

  16. Lourdes Santiago

    These palettes are amazing!!!! I got both of them 2 days ago. Went to
    Sephora and had to ask the ladies to look in the back because they were not
    out on display yet. I am so happy they had them. I would have gone crazy
    if I had to order online and wait another day. I am a huge Kat Von D fan
    too. She is one beautiful and talented woman!?

  17. KRdoll5

    Agh I want the monarch so bad! ?

  18. NelleShoeGirl

    fantastic look, Tara!?

  19. Pamelabous

    Beautiful Tara!! I always love watching you put on new eye shadow
    palettes…you get giddy!! So fun!! ~Pamela?

  20. Rocksugar10

    Hey gorgeous Tara, Im glad you love your palettes. makeup makes me happy

  21. Andrea K

    Great review, sweetie. Also your happiness is somewhat contagious, so I was
    smiling the whole time.. ?

  22. LuvSumMeiKup

    Love! Guess I will need to get both too lol! Can you pls do a foundation
    routine too? :)?

  23. jenivon fufu

    I am so happy you did this review! I have been contemplating on which kat
    von d palette to get and especially with the sale going on right now! I was
    hoping you’d do this review before I made my purchase, it’s the last day of
    the sale and I am just ecstatic that you did this review! I wish I could
    get every single palette lol?

  24. Lala M

    Thank you for another great review! I especially like your up close photo
    of the amazing look you created at the end. It gives us a real up close
    look at the colors. It’s beautifully pigmented indeed! The force is strong
    with this one and I’m always trying to be good! ?

  25. Karen Knautz

    Delightful! ?????

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