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Ami finally loses it with Chris when his custom made NY Ink needle is taken from his workstation.

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25 Responses to “Fight – NY Ink”

  1. greatestgod

    great script writer they got on this show, you would almost think the whole
    thing wasnt staged?

  2. kris graves

    Soooooooooooo……. were is the rest??


    that boll dambass lol?


    ami you’re the best

  5. mikeyvarner

    Fake fucking bullshit you say? Have you ever been around the tattoo world
    long enough or at all to say that? A lot if not most tattoo artists are
    short tempered and especially Ami James. Don’t call bullshit on something
    like that especially if you don’t know for a fact it’s fake drama.
    Honestly, get real kid. Not every situation in this world is fake.

  6. mikeyvarner

    Phillip, you are just really immature and pathetic really. You’re going to
    claim information like that and talk a big game like you are a badass.
    Honestly kid, quit eating twinkies on your Mona’s couch and get a life.
    Straight up.

  7. olesibap

    @xxdarkage007xx Yes, that is why LA Ink and NY Ink are called SPIN-OFFS of
    Miami Ink but they are NOT the same show. I am sure that the shop in Miami
    is still up and running but it is in fact a new show because, as I said
    before, it has a different name, different cast AND different location. It
    doesn’t matter how many times you try to answer back on this. You are WRONG
    and you sound STUPID.

  8. Clazzy8


  9. TrueChills

    maaaan how you gunna fuck wid ami? ya got no channnce.

  10. Phillip Anderson

    Mrs.Amni James wat a puss!he did not make it in his own backyard that is
    why he went bak down south for Chris to hold his hand and guide him.What a
    waste to come bak to the BIG APPLE an spend all ur money on a shop that
    never was an never will be as long as hes in it.Imagine a tattoo artist who
    cant do a portriat that has to bring someone else in from Cali to do
    them!wow thank tha art gods he went bak south wit the other inbreds!

  11. Sarah Manana

    sexy ^^

  12. Josh Begandy

    Ami- “I’ll beat you till you’re dead!”

  13. 518loveNewYork516

    lol im all about spottin the bull shit but this really wasnt as scripted as
    you think… for instance watch the fight they have on the other clip u
    think they would want there ami who trains in mma get his douche bag hwead
    slammed off the wall by some goonba… ya situations are set up but peoples
    reactions are there owns.. with help from editing

  14. PlayCodxX

    @karan6 I really, really, really hope you are not older than 13.

  15. karan6

    People have been bitching about reality tv being “Fake” for
    years….welcome to the party you idiots everything aside from sports on tv
    is scripted..

  16. WizLaudan73

    These tattoo shows are just soaps. It’s all fake arguing and bad acting.
    Stick to what you’re good at…doing tattoos

  17. Uhdksurvhunter

    If i was Chris id beat him up for being a little bitch. jeez

  18. GovVision

    wtf is ami wearing

  19. karan6

    @PlayCodxX no there not u idiot unless ure talking bout gay ass wwe or some

  20. jurek323

    love and hate tatoo

  21. xxdarkage007xx

    @musicfeen64 NY and LA Ink are the continuation of what happened in Miami
    Ink. Kate Von D moved to LA so they made LA Ink and Ami moved to NY so they
    made NY Ink. Miami Ink is off air right now but I think the Love Hate
    Tattoo shop is still being worked by the old crew.

  22. PlayCodxX

    @karan6 Oh my. 1. Don’t call me an idiot when you have the spelling ability
    of a 10 year old. 2. Do some research please, look into it. Football, NFL,
    Cricket and even Athletics have alot of things for you to read into. 3. Lol.

  23. xFancyGirlx

    i love these

  24. Josh Begandy


  25. PlayCodxX

    @karan6 and sometimes even sports is scripted!

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