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Een verlamde man neemt een ritje in de ambulance om een Koi Fish Dragon tattoo te laten zetten.

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25 Responses to “Miami Ink – Koi Fish Dragon”

  1. DigitalArtHD

    You don’t get the same results running in place as apposed to running from
    a lion. Stay thirsty my friends.

  2. Jason Reynolds

    Sick tatt

  3. Nagem1617

    but cow is delicious…….also why put this on a video for tattoos?

  4. Zander Loftus

    A lot of respect for this guy.

  5. menard tatunay

    how i wish to have that koi fish tattoo but i wanted it all black….


    Mean props dude. Respect.

  7. Alicia Stanton

    i feel sorry for the guy to be in a wheel chair

  8. Deanneh

    Thanks to this guy. I’m getting a Koidragon for my Next Tattoo ^^

  9. djelley

    Miss you adam. Ill never forget you. RIP

  10. UTubeGreenie

    @subongkosh You and whoever agreed with you are terrible listeners, he did
    mentioned that the tattoo was done but went back to get it colored and
    shaded in.

  11. Skylar Searcy

    ya u are, asshole


    wonder why he has a bunch of glitter on him

  13. CF Alejandro

    @cronicd21 YOU MOTHERFUCKER. eat shit and die.

  14. Kon TumMaDa

    stop @ 0:37 He already got his tattoo done. Thumbs up if u see this

  15. twayne271

    love 4 da ink ,

  16. Leny Fernandez

    hahahahaha I have a Koi Fish Dragon on my leg…. maaaaan that bitch hurt
    like a MOFUCKA!!!

  17. Dannniel53

    @cronicd21 hahahaha thats so bad hahah

  18. KnG1Dakota

    @cronicd21 honestly i was thinking the same thing XD

  19. It6Suicide6Silence6

    @subongkosh and mfmarcelotapia obviously at that time he was commenting
    after he finished his tattoo, you guys are idiots

  20. sharonkiller

    i loved the part that shows his cross in his arm,and the fact that two
    black men and a jewish guy served him

  21. Alpaca bong

    @damienw800i come at me bro

  22. ryan f

    he still should though!

  23. CF Alejandro

    @cronicd21 ask your mother

  24. TheWaggaBloke

    Love ya work mate! I’ll put you on my wish list!

  25. MrKamienski

    in 0:51 he moved his leg

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