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Chris Garver is suffering from some serious back pain after working too hard. He still manages to do an amazing job on this Japanese Temple Guard for Vincent…

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25 Responses to “Miami Ink – Japanese Temple Guard”

  1. shredded_181

    right foot of the tattoo tho?

  2. jiden sobska

    Asian version of Sean Murray, hahaha?

  3. Obey nuco

    The dude who got tattooed looked like, the dude from Just kidding films

  4. fadeshwaggs77 .

    Teddy from The Hang Over 2?

  5. stonedrose81

    surely if your artist tells you “it’s not gonna be the best tatoo it could
    be” you should come back later.

  6. 0RavensRequiem0

    Kat’s a friggin’ idiot. “If I’m in pain, I’d turn that guy down”. Bullcrap!
    Garver’s the real pro for trouping through his personal problems to serve
    his customers.

  7. Hatter Reeves

    i can relate to his shoulder pain big time……im an artist my self nothin
    like these guys but my shoulder takes it right out of me its like once u
    fuck it up thats it i been suffering 2 and half years and when i draw or
    over extend it it becomes worthless hell just sneezing is a bitch
    …….Big props to him for pushing through it…I hope he gets the help he
    needs and gives his self a well deserved break

  8. Z Moore

    probably got gout

  9. Brandon Rabb

    The guardian’s left foot is backwards.

  10. Aliee Bartley

    But it’s Chris Garver. Even when it’s bad, it’s still good.

  11. skihound12

    he tattooed his knee.

  12. Francesca Gorman

    lol “butterflies, dolphins and stuff” hahah

  13. Pyrotek

    the left foot looks fat

  14. 198bre

    its ugly

  15. Trajiq187

    is Yoji ever made a tattoo in this show??

  16. Casey George

    Nothing like good ol bitchy drama to spice up an episode. Saying he’s gonna
    quit is just lame

  17. kerflop

    note to self : garver is the best artists there

  18. Sebastian Ilie

    stop the critics ppl

  19. TheEmoangel14

    omg that was a nice one

  20. Man Duckly

    Tire factory? Lulz :3

  21. BillyEatFace

    best tattoos ever i reckon

  22. Steski24PS3

    Yeah, and he did that while feeling terrible!

  23. LinkinParkWorshiper

    he should get an evil spirit on the left of the guardian so it looks like
    they’re fighting

  24. godfather31284

    dope tat! just imagine how better that tattoo would look like if garver was
    feeling well

  25. Didier Salmon

    i would like how many money for a tatoo of portrait?

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