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25 Responses to “Review Kat Von D Palette in Saint LisaSz09”

  1. MsKristinn321

    I’ve had this palette for at least a year now, I bought it b/c of Kristin
    :o) I just love it, but don’t show it enough love. Thanks for reminding
    me about it. She does have single shadows, not too many though, and they
    are sort of “shade shifting” shadows. I have the gold one and it’s
    beautiful! Have a great weekend. xoxoxo?

  2. persiandiva77

    I love this palette. I like matte one too.?

  3. Joyce Lee

    Sephora collaborates with marc jacobs and kat von d nut the makeup line is
    majority owned and produced by sephora. Sephora is by LVMH (louis vuitton –
    moet hennessey)?

  4. icksickyuck

    I had that pallet – had to return it. Love the colors & how smooth the
    shadows are but they make my eyes feel SO grainy & irritated
    (red/bloodshot.) I don’t even have sensitive eyes or wear contacts. ?

  5. HissSpit Growl

    I just added it to my “loves” list on sephora! ?

  6. Gina Chatterson

    I agree with you about throwing in a matte color!!!?

  7. johnlovesbridge

    Your shadow is amazing in this video, your eyes look so blue.?

  8. Janell Reeves

    Very pretty Lisa!!?

  9. Jennifer Showalter

    I hear her blush is amazing also. Let us know if you check them out!!?

  10. Susan Crespy

    Any guesses what’s in my Sephora cart right now! haha Can’t wait to get it!
    Great review!?

  11. Flyusaa321

    I am so glad you did a review on this. I seriously just looked at this last
    night at Sephora and went back and forth on it for 15 minutes! I ended up
    not getting it but it has been on my mind since. I think this review sealed
    the deal though. I was so amazed by the texture. They are some of the
    softest shadows I have ever touched. You were right on the pigmentation
    too, it is stellar! Thanks and great review! 😉 DD?

  12. PinkCookie62

    Hey Lisa, just thought I’d share in case u didn’t know, that recently I
    heard last time I was in Sephora that Sephora makes the Kat von D & Marc
    Jacobs shadows. I’m guessing they make the disney palettes too. : )?

  13. MsAzsunshinegal

    I got that two yrs ago and it is a great one!! Pulled it out yesterday and
    fell in love all over again!! xxoo Melanee?

  14. Everyday Nicole

    Looks like a beautiful palette! ?

  15. Cathy Speerly

    I love Kat. Her perfume is amazing and I love her liquid foundation and
    powder foundation. Your eyes are beautiful here.?

  16. courbry123

    Oh no. I don’t need another palette. But, I guess I will be heading to
    Sephora this weekend to get it. I don’t have any of her makeup. Thanks for
    this review. Have a great weekend. ?

  17. Kelly Grabeldinger

    Lisa what brush are you using?The pink and black one,kinda looks like a
    Sedona lace,but what one??I need it…?

  18. levi0596

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the KVD palette. I don’t own any of her line. You
    should email her to suggest adding another color to the palette. Thks

  19. Catawba Cats

    Great review Lisa! How are her pencils? What is the best liner for
    tightlining? Thnx!?

  20. kimdburns

    I’ve had my eye on this one. I have the Ladybird palette that is all matte
    and I adore it. I think her products are really nice. ?

  21. cait miller

    great review lisa, this palette looks really pretty. i always wondered why
    her makeup isnt talked about as much as other brands. love the packaging on
    this too :)?

  22. Meeeshel2012

    Thank u for a great review! I just picked one up yesterday after seeing
    your FOTM. ?

  23. Susan Knuppe

    Thank you for this thorough and wonderful review!?

  24. silentscreams1988

    P.S. Kat Von D also does a palette, where all 8 shades are matte.?

  25. Bam2Pretty

    I haven’t heard about much from her line either. I’m so glad u did this
    review! I recently picked up a couple lipsticks and a lipstain from Kat von
    d and I can’t get enough!!!?

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