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Chris Nunez gives Jenette an orchid to remember her grandfather.

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25 Responses to “Miami Ink – Power of the Flower”

  1. myhugesmallworld

    that’s STUNNING!?

  2. HiphopOnWheels

    hoes always wanna believe that they’re not?

  3. B'wana Beast


    Sorry i was wiping my keyboard?

  4. dinksta

    Looks like a purple VAGINA…?

  5. Gulwant Singh

    well she blossomed well. waheyyyy?

  6. elchivista18

    Her accent <3! Man she's gorgeous!?

  7. V.B.Hernux S

    Yes I like girls tatoo please show me to muchs?

  8. Abdulla Osama


  9. DevilzDontCry

    Came here for the boobs. What was the video about again??

  10. Bigian290

    i wish she’d fuck up. when you want to be a “Lady” why would you show your
    tits like that.

  11. elistax9

    … she’s a big girl now…

  12. Ethan Williams


  13. Priscilla Von Monroe

    The tat sucks. I bet he couldn’t concentrate cause of her cleavage xP

  14. Guy Wood

    She has a spectacularly fine ass as well…

  15. Katanaprincess1

    Tramp stamps dont mean someone is a Tramp! I Have a Tattoo on the small of
    My Back yet Im Married and a mother of 6.

  16. OnlySuzyV

    she was clearly very close to her grandfather, that’s what’s awesome about
    relatives that aren’t your parents, you can love them like parent’s but
    they’re also you’re best friends. she didn’t seem like a drama queen to me,
    she seemed like a young girl who still misses her grandfather very much =/

  17. aap aaps

    People here are being bitches. I think its a very cute lady, very sweet.

  18. Emilia De Las Rosas

    Oh please! Try to think with your head people, rather than your genitals!
    Lovely lady, yes, we got the point. I don’t like the tattoo. I expected
    something more detailed and impressive than that. Very touching story. It
    made my eyes water.

  19. clara tinka

    I like her personality

  20. Jacqueline nichols

    Respect? ? Are u serious? Its a damn tattoo on a tv show. Its art and
    subjective. I dont like it. No big deal. U may love it. She may adore it.
    Its just a fucking opinion. Get your panties outta a bunch. Jeez

  21. CleverDjembe

    she sure has become a lady, DAUYM!!

  22. Prymelinx

    It’s “artist” like Chris Nunez that helps “scratchers” to understand that
    just because you work in a shop, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re any good.
    And then wanna charge an arm and a leg for that crap!? Psh. I know home
    tattoo artist that do way better!

  23. DarkBungleX

    These are shit tattoo’s. I see why they have a show but not why anyone
    would get work done there. I would be ashamed of the orchid tat

  24. Nima Shali

    “The moment i saw the tatto blablabla” i was like THE MOMENT I SAW UR

  25. Jake Ramos

    Damn ! Those Boobs !

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