LA Ink – Kat Gets A Tattoo Posted by admin on March 26th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Kat has a special tattoo surprise for Pixie’s birthday.…

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25 Responses to “LA Ink – Kat Gets A Tattoo”

  1. AzureClarity

    Does anyone know if Kat still has the tattoo or if she covered it up??

  2. Pina Colada

    There are soo many things wrong with this. smoking inside the shop.
    drinking before getting a tattoo. and i’m sorry but that portrait is not as
    amazing as kat says it is. can someone fill me in on the kat + pixie drama?
    are they not friends anymore??

  3. Harley Quinn

    I’m curious to know if the tat is covered up?

  4. Anggita Wiratama


  5. skullznthings

    @xMAFFA She knows what she’s doing. I’m pretty sure.

  6. JimmyBond

    That went well!

  7. Yenelis Rodriguez

    Furreal?! Cuh-rap I’m so behind..

  8. lenoxxes

    I bet then other peeps were jealous they face wasn’t on her groin :)

  9. Eileentjuh123

    Season 1 episode 6 I believe

  10. Tommy Hendrickx

    I wouldn’t fuck kat, sorry. she’s too trashy

  11. Shane Fallon

    I wonder how Pixie and Kat feel about that tattoo now, after everything
    that happened on this show

  12. Darryl McDaniel

    in a new york minute

  13. petyrlokiiago

    Pixie annoys the hell out of me >_<

  14. 07AKB

    what have you got against her?

  15. Carrotlocks

    i kinda wouldnt like my friend to tattoo my face on her ass 😛 just sayin

  16. MsMichelle103

    sure but there not famous or have a brand like her’s.

  17. Lifter Chicka

    she fired her? man, i really needed to watch that episode !!

  18. Drummerboi751

    Kat’s not the brightest when it comes to what she puts on her body.

  19. MrRihaa

    she did not fire pixie… pixie left the shop… 😉

  20. L Sanchez

    that’s a true friend

  21. Elizabeth Torres

    love it.

  22. Galupy13

    That’s so sweet :’)

  23. laloreyesgr

    Wat a loser

  24. Eric Harris

    wait your not supposed too drink when you get tatted im confused

  25. Kassandra Perron

    i like that ALL tattoo artists tell you to never take alcool before a
    tattoo cuz it makes your skin bleed even more and kat is like “there’s only
    one thing that help…” and takes a shot ahahah

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