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25 Responses to “NEW FOUNDATION,KAT VON D”

  1. ebkikibo

    U look great without makep. You are now my go to skin care expert for
    mature skin. I listen to every word! Lol. Love the watch, just bought it
    about a month ago.?

  2. Head Mistress

    Okay so i’m gon try my real techniques expert face brush with my
    foundation. I’m also gonna start taking the collagen again cause my smile
    lines need some help. ?

  3. basslady warren

    Lmao at I let her live.. Hahahahaa ,,this is why I love me some omega?

  4. ThaMasterHeadHunter

    You look beautiful sis! Thank you for the tips Dutchess! I AM going to try
    that foundation for sure. Much Love!?

  5. Grace Gibby

    You look amazing Dutchess.?

  6. Donna Pegues

    Can yoy also check and they have some great
    ones and the delivery is not that bad.?

  7. kwan4life

    You are such a great story teller! I could listen for hours!?


    Add a message to your video?

  9. Donna Pegues

    Beautiful as always. You should have told her about coming at people like
    that, for the next customer’s sake. Everyone is not as nice as your are.?

  10. O Mathews

    Hi! Can you tell me where you get the Foundation?

  11. Maureen Robinson

    I think you look incredibly beautiful without makeup. OMG! I am doing
    whatever you say to do for my skin to come close to looking so beautiful.
    Just marvelous!?

  12. Queenj j

    wow i need to get that FOUNDATION I’m glad i saw your video Dutchess
    because i got some money for my bd and i need a nice foundation thanks for
    the video again.?

  13. Elevatedabove

    I want you to have a talk show so bad! Lol
    Your personality rocks?

  14. sheryl clark

    That’s the Sephora I go to in center city I work downtown they are not
    makeup artist.?

  15. Charessa Bennett

    Not washing windows HAHAAAAA!?

  16. theoldschoollover77

    Ms. Omega you are so funny when you tell your stories. I did use a couple
    of your tips, such as the castor oil under the eyes and collagen pills so
    far so good. Thank you!?

  17. Twinika02

    Yes u should have told her how to do your face. Whoever trained her didnt
    do a good job about it. The next person she does that to might go off on

  18. Diamond storm

    I’m loving your watch…details please : )?

  19. Wannella Lawson

    With or without makeup, we still love you?

  20. sarah m

    I cracked up when you said “I let her live”. Just too funny :)?

  21. Crystal Warrington

    That’s Right Baby!…The FACE is everything!!!…keep it hydrated and don’t
    Play!…LOL Whats up Omega!!!! The Dutchess!!!…The Fierceness!!!!!!?

  22. sabrina mcwhite

    Hey omega I just wanted to tell u lool beautiful with or with out makeup u
    r such a great and lively person?

  23. viralmonkeymarket101

    Your skin is fab just like it is.?

  24. MsKittenz1

    Im a new subscriber & I really luv your videos. Have u ever tried
    watermelon oil for face & hair? I just started using it & thus far I luv
    it…great for the skin. Thanks for great educational & humorous videos

  25. d elizabeth jones

    Ms. Omega you always look good and you always share knowledge. Thank you.?

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